You Can Now Grab SCUF Gaming Gear In Metaverse-Inspired Coca-Cola Flavors

Today, SCUF Gaming has announced a suite of new Coca-Cola inspired peripherals that should please fans of both video games and fizzy drinks. If a Venn diagram of gamers and soda drinkers existed, I’m sure there would be considerable overlap. We’ re a junk food kind of people, for better and for worse.

To be fair, the accessory launch coincides with the release of Coke Creations’ new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte product, so at least it’s (in theory) slightly healthier than your average sugary beverage. Byte is apparently a soda that’s been ‘born in the metaverse’ and ‘invites you to explore what pixels might taste like’.

Regarding that last bit, your guess as to what kind of flavor profile that refers to is as good as mine. I’ll go out on a limb and wager it tastes something like copper and isolation. I hope I’m wrong. As for the former claim, I’m already cringing at all the inevitable metaverse garbage that’s slated to come our way over the next few years. I’m actually surprised Byte isn’t just an overpriced NFT.

But we’re getting off track, aren’t we? SCUF Gaming’s fresh branded accessories are the real star of the show here, and they include a SCUF Reflex Pro Byte ($249.99), a custom H1 headset ($149.99), a CORSAIR mouse pad ($59.99) and a CORSAIR K65 keyboard ($129.99) with pink Easter egg keys that cutely spell out COKE.

When considering the lilac and black aesthetic of the gear suite, gamers are invited to ‘think 1980s Pac-Man with a modern pop’, which pretty well encapsulates the pixelated goodness on display. Retro gaming merchandise is all the rage these days, and when I can take off my well-worn cynic hat, I do very much enjoy the nostalgia.

On that note, these products are basically all regular CORSAIR and SCUF Gaming hardware, only with new paint jobs. Of the bunch, the only one I’ve personally tested is the Reflex Pro, and it’s one solid PS5 controller. The rest will have to wait until I get review samples, and they do look damn good from the images supplied.

If you’re at all interested in this special Byte hardware, you might want to move fast, as only 500 units of each product are being made available over on SCUF’s website. Maybe you can pick up some cans of the new soda flavor too, and finally figure out what pixels taste like. All without having to lick your computer screen, it appears.

Just remember what the official press release states: “Coca-Cola Byte isn’t just the drink for gamers; it’s the drink for dreamers.” Oh boy. At least the gear looks cool.


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