Where does your favorite TV show stand?

“Atlanta” came back after a four-year break. “Barry” has returned, too — after a mere three years. “Stranger Things” will unveil a new season this week after being away since 2019. Comparatively, the two-year gap between “Better Call Saul” seasons feels forgiving. I can kind of, sort of remember where we left off.

If you’re a fan — and you should be, as these are four of the best shows on TV (let’s give “Stranger Things” a pass for its uneven third season) — you’re not going to need to be reminded to tune in to these established hits.

But perhaps a moment of silence is in order for any of the other several dozen series that have landed in the last few weeks (or will premiere soon), just in time to meet the May 31 Emmy eligibility deadline and not long after Netflix revealed it had lost 200,000 subscribers in the most recent quarter and (gulp) projected it would lose an additional 2 million in the current one.

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