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Do you have a senior horse that’s trying to age gracefully?

Purina Animal Nutrition was the first feed company to formulate a commercial feed specifically to meet the needs of the senior horse. Since its launch, Purina Equine Senior® has undergone extensive testing and innovation, resulting in it being the No. 1 veterinarian-recommended feed for senior horses.

Both Purina Equine Senior® and Purina Equine Senior® Active are scientifically formulated and backed by research in senior horses. Both products contain ActivAge® Prebiotic Technology, a unique yeast-derived prebiotic that contains high levels of antioxidants, polyphenols, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial compounds.

Purina has developed two types of feed for senior horses to meet the needs of older horses:

  • Purina Equine Senior® is a complete feed formulated to replace the senior horse’s entire diet, including the forage component. When fed as the sole component of the horse’s diet, it should be fed at a minimum of 1.35% of the horse’s body weight (BW ) each day. When fed with forage, Purina Equine Senior® should be fed at a minimum of 0.6 pounds per 100 pounds BW daily.
  • Purina Equine Senior® Active is not a complete feed. Rather, it is formulated as a concentrate feed designed to supplement horses consuming pasture, hay, or other types of forage. Adequate amounts of good-quality forage must complete the diet.

Both feeds contain a blend of fibers that are ideal for older horses’ digestive health.

In multiple trials horses fed Purina Equine Senior® with ActivAge®—Purina’s unique prebiotic supplement—experienced a decrease in overall systemic inflammation and even an improved response to vaccination. They also showed an improved metabolic response, along with a decreased inflammatory response to a challenge in their joints.

And that’s not all: Purina Equine Senior® is manufactured to exact parameters that promote optimal chewing for the senior horse with impaired dentition, as proven through multiple research trials. Purina continues to improve Equine Senior® and Equine Senior® Active to meet the unique needs of the senior horse, allowing these animals to enjoy longer, more comfortable years.

“I’ve found that feeding Purina Equine Senior® is a really good option for senior horses,” says Amanda Adams, PhD, associate professor at the University of Kentucky Gluck Equine Research Center, in Lexington. “I personally keep my 34-year -old Quarter Horse on this diet and he looks and feels great. I’ve had him for 30 years!”

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