Warner Bros Discovery Shares New Streaming Plans, Old Sexist Thinking


Hey Warner Bros Discovery! I would say we need to talk, but you might need to listen more than anything after that sh*t show of a presentation you had regarding the HBO Max merger on Thursday. First off, congrats to whatever sexist middle school boy made your PowerPoint presentation, it truly gives off “whelp, it’s done” energy. Second, we’re gonna have to take down your audacity a few hundred notches before we even begin.

Image: Warner Bros. Discovery

Trust me, I love a good reality-based show from Discovery+ (Trixie Motel, Homicide Hunter, and more), but my fallopian tubes didn’t decide to enjoy a solved murder or design challenge, my personality and preferences influenced that. I’m concerned that the man in charge of it all (I’m looking at you, David Zaslav) still may believe that there’s one hole for everything down there in the genital region of someone assigned female at birth.

Listen, the range of streaming and content preferences has expanded, Warner Bros. Discovery, you’re not the only one around. The competition with the amount of choice has become a large burden on a lot of platforms, but it seems like we’ve skipped past that and have gone back to the dark ages of expecting the only ones wanting more than reality-based content are strictly men.

For a company that has a platform like Discovery+, which includes more and more added content attempting to diversify viewpoints, you’ve certainly gone down Dumb Business Choices Blvd. and never looked back with your gendered self-slap in the face. Oh, David, you’ve embraced the past alright, but it’s one that looks a little too reminiscent of when we unfairly called thin women fat and decided all-jeans outfits were not an abomination.

The HBO Max and Discovery+ merger/ impromptu speech from a drunk uncle at a wedding is something I wish didn’t get sexist real quick but somehow did and in record timing. You’ve shown audiences, viewers, your own employees, and the human population in general what you think of when you look at the direction your content goes in. You write off significant content for women of color like bat girl, rip up the comfort of fandoms as they wait in anticipation to hear if what they care about matters, and dump animation on the side of the road without a second thought. Voices are given mistakenly to people who don’t thrive in the digital world, and they are making these content decisions. So when a little girl asks why the hard work of an upcoming film like bat girl won’t be in her local theater (or even on her TV), do you want to tell her about the tax write-off, or should I? I don’t think there’s a lot of courage there to do so. Here’s a song for the occasion:

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