These Drinks May Help You Calm Your Acid Reflux

Having coconut water is a great way to deal with acid reflux

Many people suffer from the issue of acid reflux. It is basically a common condition that includes heartburn in the lower chest area. It usually happens when the acid from your stomach flows back up into the food pipe. The main symptoms of acid reflux include nausea , pain while swallowing food, chronic cough, and sometimes even bad breath. Such a condition not just affects your health but also your mood. However, if you are facing such a problem and looking for solutions, nutritionist Neha Ranglani states six kinds of drinks can help you deal with acid reflux.

In the caption, she mentions, “To calm your acid reflux you need to help your food get digested well by improving your stomach acid production and healing your stomach cells. These drinks help with just that and allow you to digest your food well without the burn.”

According to Neha, the following six drinks will help you calm your acid reflux:

1) Cucumber juice: You may not like to chomp on cucumber curry that is usually prepared at home but you must know that it’s highly nutritious. They carry vitamins and minerals and are rich in antioxidants good for the body. The biggest advantage of cucumber is that it promotes hydration.

2) Lemon water: This could be one of the easiest ways to help yourself if you are having acid reflux.

3) Ginger water: From sore throat to other issues related to gastrointestinal irritation, we have always placed our trust in ginger. It is known to be beneficial in reducing inflammation.

4) Coconut water: This is a great way to deal with acid reflux. It has electrolytes that promote pH balance in the body, which is important for controlling acid reflux.

5) Ajwain water: We know that ajwain is beneficial for any stomach-related discomfort. Ajwain, also known as carom seeds, works as a natural remedy for the issues like acidity or indigestion. Sipping on ajwain water will help you.

6) Saunf water: This water contains vitamins and minerals. Many believe that fennel water benefits the digestive system and also helps one relieve constipation.

Take a look:

If the issue of acid reflux is troubling you, we hope now you know how to go about dealing with it.

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