In Arizona, drought spells profit for Canadian water tech companies

In Arizona, drought spells profit for Canadian water tech companies

The Central Arizona Project delivers water from the Colorado River to millions of people in Arizona.Nathan VanderKlippe/The Globe and Mail Nothing about Arizona’s Harquahala Valley looks like an oasis. Saguaro cactuses, the icon of the state, dot its scrubby expanses. Great billows of dust follow vehicles that travel its dirt roads. It averages 127 millimeters … Read more

Biden student loan debt relief plan: Appeals court rules

Biden student loan debt relief plan: Appeals court rules

GP: Tired college student Getty Images | Sdi Productions A federal appeals court Monday issued a nationwide injunction temporarily barring the Biden administration’s student loan debt relief program. The ruling by the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis is the latest in a series of legal challenges to President Joe Biden’s plan to … Read more

US ramps up pressure on Netherlands to fall in line with China chip policy

US ramps up pressure on Netherlands to fall in line with China chip policy

Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte speaks with US President Joe Biden. The US has been putting pressure on the Netherlands to block exports to China of high-tech semiconductor equipment. The Netherlands is home to ASML, one of the most important companies in the global semiconductor supply chain. Susan Walsh | AFP | GettyImages Washington has … Read more

Shedding light on Big Tech’s tactics that reel us all in – POLITICO

Today’s life is a digital one. Answers to ‘how to’ questions, family holidays, blockbuster books and the latest fashions can all be found and purchased online. All of us daily dip into countless data streams, creating more data about ourselves that we can trade — knowingly or not — for free tools, quick solutions and … Read more

The pandemic generation goes to college. It has not been easy…

Jazeba Ahmad was a junior in high school when COVID-19 hit and her math education faltered. Ahmad was enrolled in an international baccalaureate math class intended to provide a strong foundation in areas like algebra, geometry, statistics, and calculus.Add an advertisement But her high school in Columbus, Ohio, made a rocky transition to remote learning, … Read more

Tech layoffs may not be a bad omen for the US economy at large

10’000 Hours | Digitalvision | GettyImages A recent wave of layoffs in the tech sector may lead American workers to wonder whether their next job is on the chopping block. So far, evidence is scant that the thousands of cuts at major technology firms — Meta, Amazon and Twitter, to name a few — are … Read more

Employees to shift focus to ‘career cushioning’ as job cuts rise

Holger Scheibe | The Image Bank | GettyImages The rate of job cut announcements at US employers in November was more than five times greater than a year ago, according to a report by Challenger, Gray & Christmas. Overall, US-based firms announced 76,835 job cuts in November, led by the technology sector. So far this … Read more

Analysis-Retailers Turn to Robots in Cost Inflation Fight

LONDON (Reuters) – At a vast warehouse in the southern Dutch city of Roosendaal, automated cranes and driverless vehicles silently stack clothes for the French and Italian stores of retailer Primark, reducing the need for hard-to-come-by labour. With goods packed more densely up to its roof, the new warehouse, which spans the size of over … Read more

The IRA makes green hydrogen profitable at scale, Goldman says

Hydrogen storage tanks photographed in Spain on May 19, 2022. Hydrogen has a diverse range of applications and can be deployed in a wide range of industries. Angel Garcia | Bloomberg | GettyImages The United States’ Inflation Reduction Act represents a “turning point” when it comes to the economics of technologies such as renewables and … Read more

Three College Admissions Tips For Students With Learning Differences

Callie Boik, College Supports Program Cordinator, left, sits with Tony Saylor, 22, in a classroom at … [+] Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Mich., Thursday, Sept. 5, 2013. Often, his constant doodling features a 9-year-old character named Viper Girl who, with her pet fox Logan, frequently finds herself battling monsters. Saylor, 22, has even self-published … Read more