School district uses COVID relief funds to address learning loss | Local News

School district uses COVID relief funds to address learning loss |  Local News

MOULTRIE, Ga. – Over $43 million in COVID relief funds were used to address “learning loss” within local schools, Colquitt County School District officials said Friday. According to a recent Capitol Beat article, Georgia schools have used nearly 90% of $6 billion in federal COVID relief funds that were distributed to districts across the state … Read more

Tight Timeline for New System | Spare News

In the Saskatchewan Government’s Throne Speech of October 6, Lt. gov. Russ Mirasty announced the plans of the current government to centralize online learning for students in the province under a new Treasury Board Crown Corporation by the 2023-24 school year. November 22, STF President Samantha Becotte expressed concern about the idea of ​​a corporation … Read more

OPINION: A love letter to UGA’s African drumming class | Opinion

There’s not many college classes that bring back the nostalgia of high school. Sitting in desk chairs in a small classroom surrounded by friends but mostly strangers, I was suddenly in ninth grade again. This time was different – I would glare to my right and see athletes, biology majors and fraternity boys, and Hugh … Read more

Lenore Skenazy: Tyranny of too much teaching | Opinion

It’s snuggly time with your little one, who isn’t even in kindergarten yet. His little head rests against your shoulder as you open up a picture book. “See?” you say, pointing not to the furry bunny or diabolical cat or tree that keeps amputating herself. “These are the words on the page. This sentence has … Read more

Perfect graduation rate at reservation school attributed to students learning tribal culture | News

Student pride – and the graduation rate – are on the upswing at the public school on the Santee Native Reservation. School leaders trace that success to a new effort to teach students the tribe’s culture. For the first time, students are learning Santee Dakota history, language and customs – subjects long ago banned. The … Read more

CTC adult education helps those seeking to enter the workforce or improve English skills | Local News

Adults needing help with earning a general education development (GED) high school equivalency diploma or improving their English as a second language skills to support them entering the workforce can find assistance through the Central Texas College (CTC) Adult Education and Literacy program. Funded by the Texas Workforce Commission, CTC’s Adult Education provides English, math, … Read more

Higher education officials look to funding, support services to close the training gap

Closing the gap between Texas’ growing need for skilled workers and potential workers’ need for training will take new approaches in areas such as community college funding and support services for students, according to workforce and higher education officials gathered in Waco on Thursday. A panel convened by the news organization The Texas Tribune to … Read more

‘A light at night’: Remembering Marching Mizzou member Alex Jackson | Higher Education

Band is where Alex Jackson always wanted to be. He would arrive at Marching Mizzou rehearsals over 45 minutes early sometimes just because he was excited to be there. “I’d be there around 4:00 (for 4:15 rehearsals), but he would get there at like 3:30,” Rachel Alvarez, a friend of Jackson and Marching Mizzou tuba … Read more

Program to Develop Special Education Leaders Underway at University of Nevada, Reno | Local News

(December 1, 2022) To help counter a decline in special education teachers and leaders in recent years, professors at the University of Nevada, Reno’s College of Education & Human Development will use a US Department of Education grant to train aspiring special education leaders. Project SELF (Special Education Leaders of the Future) is a 325D … Read more

Flexibility and options abound at Paintearth Adult Learning | Spare News

If you’re living in and around Paintearth County, the Town of Coronation or the Town of Castor and wanted to expand your learning horizons there’s no excuse not to phone Paintearth Adult Learning. The adult learning specialists have so wide a reach and varied a menu that Program Manager Cindy Heidecker had trouble narrowing their … Read more