AI gurus are leaving Big Tech to work on buzzy new start-ups

DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman, who recently left his VP of AI product management and AI policy role at Google, also co-founded the machine learning start-up Inflection AI. Suleyman has already hired several of his former colleagues. Bloomberg | GettyImages Artificial intelligence gurus are quitting top jobs at companies like that Google, MetaOpenAI and DeepMind and … Read more

SFNext: San Francisco teacher’s odyssey getting to and from work a non-stop challenge

SAN FRANCISCO — Before the break of dawn, a routine kicks off in Concord. Lisa Gaglioti grabs her lunch, stashes it into her bag packed with work, and says goodbye to her cat. Within seconds she’s out the door, into the dark, and on her way. Gaglioti is in a hurry. She doesn’t want to … Read more

How Patient Care Is Being Improved By Technology Everyday

With technology becoming more integral to patient care in recent years, innovation in the medtech space is progressing at an unprecedented level. From streamlining long-held manual processes to creating entirely new diagnostic devices, new tech is cropping up all over the industry—resulting in a real-world impact on patients’ quality of life. These technologies are helping … Read more

FTC Settles Allegations of Data Security Failures with Edtech Company Chegg

On October 31, 2022, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced a complaint and proposed consent order against Chegg, an edtech company, over its security practices that resulted in four security breaches in three years. The commissioners unanimously voted to approve the proposed order. The case follows the FTC’s announcement earlier this year that it would … Read more

What Should Tech Companies do to Navigate Privacy Concerns in Post-Dobbs Era?

Patient privacy is evolving rapidly in the post-Dobbs era, according to healthcare and life science lawyers in a webinar hosted by the American Bar Association on Wednesday. “For now, a request from law enforcement personnel for protected health information is not valid unless it is pursuant to a process or as otherwise required by law,” … Read more

Hospitals Can’t Afford to Lag Behind on Cloud Adoption, Microsoft Exec Argues

Historically, healthcare has trailed other industries when it comes to the adoption of new technology — often by decades. But providers that fail to get serious about bucking this trend are putting their businesses at risk of closure. That was the message from John Barto, Microsoft‘s chief digital transformation officer for its health and life … Read more

At HLTH 2022, a New Chapter for AI

The evolution of machine learning is still in its early stages, but at the HLTH 2022 conference this week, companies shared how they are working to fine-tune their approaches to AI. Those efforts included everything from improving the quality of patient data that underpin the algorithms, which has been criticized for not reflecting a diverse … Read more

Google will once again test augmented reality glasses in public

Google AR glasses prototype Google Google will test augmented reality prototypes in public settings, the company said in a blog post on Tuesday. Some prototypes will look like normal glasses and will be equipped with microphones and cameras as well as transparent displays. The new glasses aren’t a product yet and aren’t available to the … Read more

California Students Are Struggling in Math. Will Reforms Make the Problem Worse?

The California Mathematics Framework (CMF) is an arguably obscure but extremely consequential document informing the educations of millions of children, from transitional kindergarten to twelfth grade, which is revised every eight years. The CMF doesn’t decide what math concepts to teach; that is decided by the common-core standards. Instead, it makes recommendations to public-school teachers … Read more