Supreme Court can help narrow the racial income gap

Ironically, Republicans may be the reason for President Joe Biden’s announcement of the kind of person he would nominate for the Supreme Court. Former President Ronald Reagan, upon being elected, made it clear he was going to pick the first woman for the court. And former President Donald Trump declared that no male need apply to replace the deceased Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the bench.

There is truly nothing wrong with any of those decisions made and followed through on by each president. Now it is Biden’s turn. Elections have consequences, and a liberal justice will be selected.

Biden truly seems to have “heavy weights” to choose from in terms of candidate qualifications. Only two of the 13 are not Yale or Harvard graduates, and all 13 have impressive work experience. We do need to be careful, after all, because Yale or Harvard graduates have “always needed special help” getting confirmed to the court. Just kidding. Historically most of the justices have come from those two schools.

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