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Chris Frost

Oxnard– Sometimes, you make mistakes you can never fix that you end up paying for all your life. It may sound silly, but it’s happening to me this week.

LET me back up to the point of the mistake. I was in eighth grade, and the opportunity came up for me to join the youth wrestling team. My best friend Rey was on the high school team, so I went to a practice with him that included a big trip to the weight room, and I decided it was for me.

My friends Rey, Jorge, and I practiced moves and tried to develop our skills, with the end goal being winning a slot on the high school varsity team. I wrestled during the day and lifted weights at night. I liked lifting weights and getting in shape.

Then my father decided that we needed a new and better life, so he took a job in Denver, Colorado, and took us out of New York.

Unfortunately, I didn’t exactly fit in during high school and was looked at as the weird New Yorker in Colorado. I continued to wrestle but did not focus on the attention and dedication required to be successful.

That means I wasn’t a good wrestler and got pinned a lot. When you’re getting pinned, one of the things you do to defend yourself is to do a neck bridge, which meant that guys were trying to wrestle my shoulders to the mat and push me down. I didn’t try hard, and it showed.

The end result of that experience was a neck that is a miserable train wreck that pops, gets sore, and requires a lot of maintenance and aspirin. I’m getting old and have plenty of aches and pains, which is part of my life, so I started to take better care of myself and exercise with my kettlebell.

Then it happened. I was pressing the weight over my head, my neck popped twice, and a shooting pain ran down my neck, which remains to this day.

We’ll call this paper the left-handed edition because using my right hand to type is not working well, and a new adventure in pain. Had I put in the effort in high school and had been a better wrestler, my neck may not be in the shape it’s in today.

The J-Train tried to help by rubbing some analgesic cream on my neck, setting off another issue. You’re too skinny! I’ve lost weight because the grocery store is too much money, which I’ve mentioned before, but telling her that she shouldn’t worry about me being thinner than her is another mistake I will pay for dearly. She’s trying to play catch up.

Anyway, I won’t come out of the game and will hobble along. Dedication and passion for what I do was a lesson that took me forever to learn but is something I hold dearly now. I wrote the story about the Oxnard Fire Department purchasing new command vehicles last night with my left hand only, and although it may be slow going, it’s ready to go. I look at a lot of stories in the media and offer more details and information. The public has the right to know.

It’s too bad that I didn’t figure that out in high school. Stick to your passions, and don’t give up even if you don’t fit in perfectly.

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