Startup Air World launches themed metaverse cosisting of HK landmarks

Hong Kong tech startup Air World has stepped into the metaverse. Through blockchains, the firm says users can build and claim ownership of digital properties with tokens in the Hong Kong-themed virtual world.

Air World’s decentralised virtual world AiR Metaverse recreates Hong Kong in its virtual environment. With a location-based gameplay, AiR metaverse leverages its unique offline-to-online mode to give users access to its ubiquitous gateways into the metaverse, connecting to every aspect of their life and creating a truly authentic experience in its Hong Kong-themed virtual world.

Co-founder of Air World Gabriel Kwong said, “The metaverse is still a rather novel and distant concept to many. We want to start from Hong Kong and showcase how a metaverse can meet various business needs. We also want to be the most accessible and practical metaverse by offering an intuitive interface to further our reach and allow a wide audience to experience the strength of the web 3.0 technology.”

He added that Air World will invest significant resources in enriching and diversifying its gameplay.

As part of the launch, Air World completed its first round of invite-only virtual building NFT pre-sale with 100 iconic structures in the city, attracting multiple shopping malls, real estate developers, retail brands, celebrities, local artists, and other high -profile figures to set foot in the metaverse. MARKETING-INTERACTIVE understood that Air World will unveil the buyers in the next stage.

Air World said one of the enterprises had confirmed to acquire over 10 virtual buildings for several million Hong Kong dollars, as the enterprise hoped to provide clients and partners with a metaverse experience. Another local NFT brand has signed an initial purchase offer for the virtual space of the Central Harbourfront Event Space, where the brand’s virtual carnival will be held.

“We’ll sell regular game NFTs at the same time. Through establishing an ecosystem with enterprise clients and collaboration with celebrities, we will materialise a GameFi era. NFTs will no longer be merely an avatar or collectible, but a key to AiR metaverse, ” added Yuk Tse, co-founder of Air World.

Moving forward, the project will advance in 2022, with 300 virtual building NFT expected to be sold, forecasting an eight-figure revenue. Lastly, AiR metaverse will enter the Southeast Asian and Taiwanese markets to create a metaverse ecosystem in Asia.

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