St. Francis Classical Academy is coming to pace

A new “university style” school will open in pace this fall, which means families can either choose to have their children go full time or attend classes part time and get the rest of their instruction at home.

The St. Francis Classical Academy will open as a resource for children considered homeschooled. The school is officially called a homeschool “cooperative” and not an official charter or public school.

“We are a homeschool cooperative school,” said lead tutor Bobby McGee. “We’re able to provide a full, robust eight-hour school day to those who are interested or not (for those who want part time). But in both cases, the parents who are involved are homeschool parents.”

Erin Chesbro helps her daughter Gwyneth, 6, with her math homework in her home in Spring Hill, Tenn., Wednesday, June 16, 2021.

The school will be set up to provide a four-day school week for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. On Fridays, students can either learn with their parents at home or, once per month, go on an extra curricular field day with the school to learn about such things as beekeeping, sailing and drawing.

The younger students will start the day with music while the older kids take Latin. Curriculum also will cover the traditional subjects of history, math, science and literature. Parents can either choose to send their homeschooled children for the full day or just for specific subjects.

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