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Kochi: The State Institute of Education Technology (SIET) plans to create a public digital platform for school students to disseminate fact-checking and fake news alerts.
The state government has already launched its digital literacy program against misinformation and false news called “Sathyameva Jayathe” in schools across the state. SIET plans to launch the digital platform along the lines of fact-checking sites, as an extension of its digital literacy programme.
SIET Director B. “An expert team from SIET will verify the findings of the students’ findings and the findings will be published through a public digital platform such as a website or mobile application,” he said, adding that the platform will be launched in the next academic year after obtaining permission from the government.
He added that the project is in its initial stage and discussions will be held with senior officials and ministers in the coming days. SIET is the implementing agency for the Sathyameva Jayathe Digital Literacy Program in Schools. As part of implementing the program in more than 4,000 senior high schools and vocational high schools, SIET has already trained 175 experienced people and these people have already provided training for educational technology club coordinators in each school. Coordinators trained all teachers in 42 school districts across the state.
As part of the digital literacy programme, fake news identification modules were made available to all students at the initial stage. Now, we have developed an additional module that will provide technical support to find the facts behind fake news. Alongside digital literacy, we are now focusing on critical media awareness as part of our expanded program,” adding that publishing their findings in a government public platform would motivate students to reveal more of these facts, such as a social service.
The government has already decided to extend the digital literacy program ‘Sathyameva Jayathe’ to higher education institutions from this year onwards.
“In the digital literacy programme, we don’t focus on criminal activities on social media, we focus on dissemination of information. Mir Muhammad IAS, officer on a special mission (OSD) to the prime minister, who is also an advisor to the fact-checking department of the Information and Public Relations Department, said “The response to the program from schools across the state has been amazing.”


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