‘Shark Tank’: Kevin O’Leary criticized for calling Roq Innovation founder ‘Crazy Chicken’

When it comes to innovation, it’s not always about reinventing the wheel, sometimes, it’s just about thinking outside the box. Roq Innovation HEADLIGHTZ™ and NEKZ products seem relatively simple but are certainly of great use. After all, the brand is focused on making life a little easier for its customers.

However, the real test is the ability to impress Mark Cuban, Diamond John, Kevin O’Leary, Laurie Greiner, Guest Shark and Peter Jones. Curious to know how Roq Innovation has performed? Continue reading to find out!

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Raquel Graham, founder of Roq Innovation, was hoping to secure a $200,000 deal for 15% in her company. She explained that she generated $1.1 million in sales for her product, HEADLIGHTZ, and was on track to make $1.7 million this year. However, the fact that it has a patent pending since 2018 raised some issues. Raquel seemed overwhelmed by the questions coming at her, causing sharks like Peter Jones to retreat.

However, Kevin O’Leary was ready to cut her deal as he called her “crazy chicken.” He was willing to give her the money with no equity but $2 until he got his money back and would claim the $1 afterwards. However, before they could move on, Graham spoke about the “crazy chicken” comment, saying that she had previously been diagnosed with fungal pneumonia and nearly lost her life. This was the reason why she was so driven. Fans agreed that the comment was off line.

Totally stunned by @kevinolearytv’s rudeness tonight on @ABCSharkTank. How dare you refer to that lady as a ‘crazy chicken’. And how dare you not apologize to her after you explained how much it hurt her with that comment. You are not a great gentleman.!! Fans.” The comment for “Crazy Chicken” was a huge fan of #SharkTankABCSharkTank.” One fan added. “F that “crazy Chicken” is bullshit. He’s not affectionate, he’s sexist, uh. #SharkTank @ABCSharkTank” A fan said. “@ABCSharkTank” Crazy chicken. This was not an expression of affection, it was a man without filter or tact and consideration for his speech at that moment. First time I watched the show and last lmao very strange and ignorant. Another note .

Inspired by her story, Peter Jones made her an offer of $200,000 for 25%. Forced to choose between both sharks, Jones and O’Leary decide to make a joint bid for her – they will receive $1 until $600,000 is redeemed and they will have 20% equity for $200,000. Raquel Graham accepted the offer and was ready to expand her business.

Episode 11 of Season 13 of “Shark Tank” airs on ABC on January 14, 2022 at 8 PM ET. Watch the latest episode featuring products like Romperjack, Roq Innovation, VaBroom and Must Love

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