See Vecna ​​Come to Life In Amazing Stranger Things Season 4 BTS Video

In a new BTS video from the set of Stranger Things season 4, special effects artists put Vecna’s actor through the extensive application process.

Caution: This article contains spoilers for Stranger Things season 4, part 1

A new behind-the-scenes video showcases the rigorous special effects process for creating stranger things’ terrifying new villain, Vecna. Netflix’s record-breaking series recently returned to the streaming platform after a three-year absence marked by pandemic-related delays and quickly dominated viewership. Season 4’s narrative buildup toward the show’s final season thrusts Eleven and her friends back into the middle of an even bloodier supernatural war spanning the Upside Down, Russia, and several cities across ’80s America. Now teenagers, the Hawkins clan of monster-fighters must contend with a new evil.


Season 4 sees the introduction of Vecna, a malicious being akin to Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street, who preys on the past traumas of children and murders them from the Upside Down with telekinetic powers. Vecna ​​is easily the most cunning and humanoid creature the heroes have faced yet, inspired by the cold and calculated design of the Night King from game of Thrones. Originally thought to be legendary Freddy actor Robert Englund under the proverbial hood, part 1’s finale reveals Vecna ​​as a transformed One from Hawkins Lab.

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Jamie Campbell Bower, who makes his franchise debut playing One/Vecna ​​in StrangerThings season 4, punches up the antagonist’s dread-inducing drawl and nightmarish visuals by committing to a long makeup application process that brings the character to life as opposed to relying on CGI. The official StrangerThings Twitter page shares an exciting BTS video showing Bower going through this procedure, overseen by makeup department head Barrie Gower and his team of special effects artists. Bower diligently sits through the arduous operation, checking his phone and sipping Starbucks coffee between prosthetics applications and touch-ups. Check out the post below:

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Previous BTS footage revealed Vecna’s prosthetic suit during episode 4’s thrilling final sequence with Max (Sadie Sink) in his Mind Lair, with Finn Wolfhard commenting on the six-hour-long makeup process. Other reports have stated that the artists took between seven and eight-and-a-half hours to get Bower into the full-body suit. The new video can make these estimations misleading because of the sped-up quality, but the revolving crew of makeup artists and Bower’s meme-worthy habits indicate that it did take a considerable amount of time to get the actor into the application.

With the Duffer Brothers’ emphasis on ’80s pop culture in StrangerThings, it is not surprising to see them invest in practical effects for one of their most unique supernatural entities to date. While some characters may escape Vecna ​​in season 4, part 2, his presence in the series so far has been effective due to Bowers’ physicality in the practical makeup. Plus, Vecna’s appearance creates a dichotomy between the CGI-laden monsters that have terrorized the StrangerThings cast in previous seasons, introducing a tangibly scary atmosphere to season 4.

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