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GREEN MOUNTAIN FALLS • A well-known presence as a reserve officer in Green Mountain Falls for the past five years, Sean Goings just got a new title. Marshal Goings replaces the beloved Virgil Hodges, who retired recently.

A former officer with the Woodland Park Police Department, Goings is currently the coordinator of Safety and Security for the Woodland Park School District.

In accepting the marshal role, he has resigned from the school district position, but intends to complete his contract that ends in June. “I’m going to be doing double duty because I am not going to leave the students or the staff high and dry without somebody coming in,” he said.

On the other hand, Goings feels a tug about leaving the district. “I love being around the kids. They are the best,” he said. “Do I have some heartburn about leaving the school but am I going into a whole new adventure ? Yes.”

While serving as a reserve officer Goings was able to maintain his law enforcement credentials. But being the head cop is different.

“There’s a lot of reporting to federal agencies and the state. There are lot of things the marshal did that I was not necessarily aware of,” he said, with a laugh. “Any law enforcement job now is demanding, but I’ll do my best to serve the people of Green Mountain Falls.”

Being selected as the town marshal fulfills a career goal to run his own agency. “Although it’s a small three-person department, it still checks that box,” Goings said.

Along with the goal achievement is the duty to fill vacancies — his own, for instance. “We are going to hire a paid deputy marshal, but I will be looking for one reserve officer,” he said.

Over the past two years, Goings has felt the strain of the public’s perception around the nation of law enforcement. “When COVID hit we were all heroes and then all of the bad stuff started happening, with some of the higher profile cases, and faith in law enforcement took a real hit,” he said. “I look forward to continuing to gain the public’s trust here and being the town’s marshal because it’s exciting. I still have a passion for law enforcement in my heart.”

In Green Mountain Falls, Goings feels part of the community. “It wasn’t a hard decision to come here, because the people in the town are great — really good people,” he said. “I’ve been patrolling here for five years, and the support this town has for their law enforcement is not comparable to anything I’ve ever seen. It’s pretty amazing.”

Coincidentally or not, Goings discovered a while back that his late father, Jack Goings, was a deputy marshal in town. “Is it a cool thing? Yeah, I love it,” he said. “It’s history, a good story.”


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