School district releases meal prices; board members table broadcast decision | news

The Woodward Board of Education met Monday evening. A few topics of discussion on the Consent agenda included, meal prices, start/dismiss times and the transfer capacity with Pre-K teachers.

Changes made to the meal prices are as follows:

– Elementary breakfast is $2.00, lunch is $3.25 (was $2.50).

– Middle school breakfast is $2.00, lunch is $3.25 (which was $2.50).

– High school breakfast is $2.50 (was $2.50), lunch $3.50 (was $2.75).

– Adult breakfast is $3.00 (was $2.75), lunch $5.00 (was $4.00).

– Contract (Head Start) breakfast is $2.26 (was $2.00) Lunch $4.84 (was $4.00) Snacks $1.08 (was $1.00).

Deputy Superintendent Jerry Burch said, “The prices are a modest increase and you will see another modest increase next year as well unless food prices come down. Right now they are sky high and we are trying to cushion that a little bit. Free will still be free, reduced will be $0.40 and then the full price.”

For the past two years, no students have been charged for breakfast or lunch under COVID-19 waivers passed in March 2020. Those waivers expired on June 30 after Congress had declined to extend the reduced regulations earlier in the year.

School start times have been changed due to meals in the cafeterias again.

– Elementary School doors will open at 7:30 am and start time 8 am

Dismiss times Monday 2 pm Tuesday-Friday is 3 pm

– ECC doors will open at 7:35 am and start time 8:05 am

Dismiss times Monday 2:05 pm Tuesday-Friday 3:05 pm

– Middle School 7:20 am doors open and start time 7:45 am

Dismiss times Monday 1:45 pm Tuesday-Friday is 2:45 pm

– High School doors open at 6 am and start time 8:15 am

Dismiss times Monday 2:22 pm Tuesday-Friday is 3:22 pm

“The team has discussed this multiple times, driven the various routes to and from to get the time frame right,” Superintendent Kyle Reynolds said. “For elementary students, the cafeteria and gym will be open in the morning along with weather permitting the playground. All of those areas are supervised by support staff.”

Superintendent Kyle Reynolds spoke regarding school capacity numbers.

“We set our capacity in July for Pre-K based on eight teachers. We have not been able to fill that last teacher slot. With only having seven teachers it puts us over the mark of having 20 students per classroom, it would be more like 22 and that is before we see additional kids that are going to come in the next 2-3 weeks. So we have to adjust the capacity to 140 instead of 152 that is currently enrolled.

“We can cap our Pre-K enrollment at any point for our residents because it is not a mandatory grade, but as the transfer law is written, we are still required to accept transfers as long as we are below that capacity level,” Reynolds added.

All items on the consent agenda were approved.

Action topics included the 2022-2023 Broadcasting Agreement, Special Education Paraprofessional Scholarship Proposal and naming adjunct teachers for Woodward Middle School 2022-2023 school year.

A presentation was given by Brett Brewer and Blake Brewer of Classic Communications and Paragon Communications.

“We have been owners here for 17 years and the last time we bid on the broadcasting agreement with WPS was 15 years ago. We thought now’s the time to show you what we can do,” Brett Brewer said. “We’ve continued doing sports for area towns and BigElkTv in Elk City. We are really excited to work with the school and pull your technical people into the fold of what we do.

“We would work as a cohesive team to make sure the school is getting what they want and the community gets a good product. We would like to involve the students as much as we can so they learn and could maybe pick it as a career choice going forward. Broadcasting is not taught at High Plains or in most schools. It might give some students an outlet that they didn’t know what was available or they didn’t know they enjoyed. So, Paragon with KECO Radio won the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters award in 2021 for Video Streaming Sports.”

Shawn Miller with OMNI Media Group, Z92.3 and K101 spoke regarding the honor of having the Boomer contract for many years.

“We are proud to have that along with all of our employees and we want to continue that support of the students. This is something we want to continue to promote all sports and the academic side as well. The history of our work speaks for itself and we will continue that passion moving forward,” Miller said.

CJ Montgomery added, “I have been a part-time employee since 1985 and have traveled within the tri-state area any given Friday night for games. OMNI’s resume is 30 years long. K101 has been a partner with the school for learning opportunities over the years. Not only to promote the kids in school but to promote Woodward as well. We have steered clear of the video streaming process because out of the 20-25 other schools we view, Woodward’s is the best already. The technical aspects, graphics, and cameras are just a wonderful streaming product.”

President Leah Barby and other board members agreed to table the vote and take more time to make the best decision for Woodward.

“We don’t take this lightly because it is such an important decision. We want to make sure we are confident and comfortable with what vote we cast,” Barby said.

The special meeting is scheduled for Thursday at noon at the Board of Education building.

The Special Education Paraprofessional Scholarship proposal was due to new requirements. Paraprofessionals have to be tier one or tier two certified.

“Those tests cost money, time to go to classes and those testing locations are changing. We felt it was the right thing to do for our special education paraprofessionals, to compensate them for their time and preparation for these roles. They work with some of our students that have high levels of needs with barely any breaks and working hard keeping that contact with the kids. They are there for these students and they work outside of their contract time,” Reynolds said.

The scholarship was approved.

The restrictions on adjunct teachers have been removed. Previously teachers could work up to three hours a day with a special certification in the specific class the school system is needing to teach if there was no teacher available for that field.

“We have two very viable candidates that do not hold standard or emergency teacher certifications that would greatly benefit us. They would be employed as support staff and issued a teaching number so we can put them on our records for accreditation, like a regular teacher,” Reynolds said.

The Board approved Painting Merry, 6th Grade Science and Silvia Routh EL (English Learners) for Woodward Middle School. Their applications will be sent to the State Department for approval.

In his report, Reynolds said, “we have been awarded a second 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant for the after school program at ECC and Cedar Heights. We are going on year four out of five of our previous grant for Highland Park and Horace Mann. We applied for this grant unsuccessfully last year.

“Federal Programs Director Bana Bogdahn and Coordinator for the after school program, Lindsay Hickman did the hard work of pulling the application from last year and looked at the criticisms of what we needed to do differently. They made the changes and applied this year. The first year of funding is $300,000 and over the course of the five years is just over $1 million.”


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