REN Clean Skincare Elevates Mask Range With Sustainable Packaging

REN Clean Skincare has upgraded the packaging of their face mask range with a new 20% PCR glass jar, in partnership with Verescence, and a new “widely recyclable” aluminum lid containing an invisible thread, in partnership with Anomatic.

The upgrade starts with two products: REN’s award-winning Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask, described as “a fast-acting hydrating cream mask to help calm and soothe sensitive skin,” and iconic Clearcalm Invisible Pores Detox Mask, a purifying and mattifying mask to help detoxify and rebalance blemish-prone skin.

By upgrading these products to a new widely recyclable pack using an aluminum lid and a 20% PCR glass jar, the brand stays true to its Zero Waste Pledge with packaging that is both recyclable and uses recycled materials. The aluminum from the lid is infinitely recyclable . Nearly 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today.

Michelle Brett, CEO of REN Clean Skincare, comments: “REN is proud to work with packaging partners, Verescence and Anomatic, with a like-minded commitment to investing in more sustainable methods of manufacture.”

Scott L. Rusch, CEO of Anomatic, which holds a 2021 Ecovadis Gold rating, says: “Sustainability has always been at the core of Anomatic – from people and culture, to planet-friendly-processes, to industry and community partners, to more recently designing and manufacturing innovative products that embrace the four R’s – Reduction, Recycled Content, Recyclability and Reusability. Our partnership with REN has accelerated the company’s development and commercialization of a widely recyclable innovative lid construction using two pieces of aluminum to achieve a premium invisible thread .

Thomas Riou, CEO of Verescence, says: “Since 2008, Verescence has been advancing its commitment to a more sustainable beauty industry by investing in more environmentally responsible production processes. Not only furnace technology, but also the type of glass produced has an impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

“At Verescence, we are passionate about partnering with committed brands like REN to co-develop innovative and sustainable glass packaging solutions. By choosing Verescence’s Infinite Glass 20, a composition that contains 20% of post-consumer recycled glass, REN has allowed us to reduce our CO2 emissions by 5% during the production of the glass jar and limit our impact on natural resources. Verescence is now driving its environmental performance to the next level with an ambitious target of reducing its CO2 emissions by 40% by 2034.”

Verescence holds the highest EcoVadis Platinum medal for its Corporate Social Responsibility performance, as well as a CDP A rating for tackling water security and A- for leading effort against climate change.


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