Real-Life Weight Loss Journey| I Ate Boiled Eggs and Rice, Did Weight Training to Lose 14 Kilos

Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: If you are trying to lose weight and kick-start your weight loss journey, then this real-life weight loss story will inspire you. Anasuya Barua was able to lose 14 kilos in a span of 8 months by eating home-cooked food and weight training. Anasuya used to weigh 86 kgs before she decided to shed those extra kilos. Read her real-life weight loss story.Also Read – Watermelon Benefits: From Weight Loss to Boosting Your Fibre-Intake, 7 Reasons to Add Tarbuz to Your Summer Diet

Weight Loss and Motivation to Lose Weight:

Before joining Fittr(a Fitness app that allows you to choose a coach who guides you on your diet and exercise schedule) I used to just check pictures of my friends who have a good figures and it felt like I can only achieve this in my dreams . Given my medical conditions of PCOD, Thyroid and Insulin Resistance Syndrome, it affected me mentally thinking that I can never go down below XXL size clothes. Also Read – 7 Reasons Why You are Gaining Belly Fat and Tips to Reduce it

Anasuya Barua lost 14 kilos in 8 months

Thankfully for my friends who introduced me to Fittr and to my coach Namrata, I saw stories of people who were able to lose weight even with the exact conditions I have. These stories motivated me to work seriously on my weight and make a change to my lifestyle. I was pleasantly surprised with my own progress, slow and steady but it’s been an amazing journey. As my coach says “It is not just about seeing how the weight scale drops but it is about the non-scale victory as well.” Also Read – Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: I Lost 35 Kgs in 8 Months by Eating Keto-Friendly Pizza and Sandwich

Happy to share that I now get periods without having to induce them through medicines, I feel strong mentally and physically, I enjoy working out on a daily basis, I can fit into M size clothes, I learnt that diet food can be tasty as well and I am in full control of my body and mind with all these changes that have taken place after joining Fittr.

It is a weekly check that I do to see my progress in terms of inch loss as well Weight loss. Even though at times there will be just 200 gm change or 0.5cm from some parts of the body, recording the measurements and checking the progress week on week was proof that I was going on the right track. Fittr app displays a graph that shows your progress and that graph going down weight wise and inch wise is what kept me motivated throughout this journey.

Weight Loss and Diet

The calorie intake kept changing from 1 week to the next. It was always about a calorie deficit diet that helped in my journey. At the start of the journey, intake was on the higher side eg 1800 kcal diet which my coach kept adjusting as we went forward. So all my intake was quantified eg 5gm oil per meal, 50gm carbs per mean, Protein around 250 gm a day, etc.

Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: I Ate Boiled Eggs and Bananas, Did Weight Training to Lose 14 Kilos

Anasuya Barua ate home-cooked meals to lose 14 kilos

The menu is very simple, it is what any home-cooked meal looks like: Oats, boiled eggs, tea for breakfast; Rice, chicken/fish curry and salad for lunch, snack would be 1 banana and 1 glass of milk after working out , Dinner would be Chapati and Mixed Veggies. The only difference in these meals would be how much carbs I use and what is the quantity of oil used to cook all these items.

What my Cheat Day Looked Like:

Cheat days would be once in a while when there were certain occasions with friends and family. I would not hog on everything that is served but kept a check on how much quantity I am taking. Home-baked cakes were always a weakness for me.

Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: I Ate Boiled Eggs and Bananas, Did Weight Training to Lose 14 Kilos

Anasuya Barua’s transformation story is inspiring.

Foods I Quit to Lose Weight:

The most important thing was quitting sugar and potatoes completely. I had shifted from using sugar to using Stevia which is 0 calories. I used to love using potatoes in every meal whether it was making any veg or non-veg curry. As potatoes are carbs and my carbs intake was limited, had to quit it.

Is there a shortcut to losing weight?

In the past, before I started my fitness journey, there were all these crash diets that I used to do but the fact is you do lose water weight in a week’s time and you feel happy but as soon as you stop it, you will either gain back the same or more weight in the coming weeks. So to answer your questions- No, there is no shortcut. It is a slow and steady process. We must never lose hope.

Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: I Ate Boiled Eggs and Bananas, Did Weight Training to Lose 14 Kilos

Anasuya Barua quit sugar and potato completely from her diet to lose weight

Weight Loss and Workout Routine:

My workout schedule consists of weight training with 3.5Kg dumbbells for 40-60 min a day and twice a week I would do HIIT for 30 min. Then there is a target to complete 12K steps a day.

What worked for me:

Quantifying my meals and being active is what really worked for me. In my daily schedule, whenever there are long meetings, I made sure I keep walking and this helped me achieve my step count of 10-12K per day.

What did not work was following the schedule if I go on a holiday or vacation. At that time I just did portion control. decided to bring Real-Life Weight Loss stories for our readers which will inspire you to finally sign up for that gym membership or start making yoga an active part of your lifestyle. If you have got an incredible weight loss story that inspires people to stay healthy, write to us on our social media handles to get featured and we’ll get in touch with you!

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