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Peters Township, Pa.: For those with open eyes and a love of our country and its democratic system, the kickoff of the Jan. 6 Committee public hearings constituted a blockbuster. Although those who pay attention knew a great deal about what happened on our modern day of infamy, the committee has placed a bright light on the extraordinary efforts engineered by a president whose monumental ego, extreme narcissism and immorality pushed him to engage in one sham after another in a desperate effort to overturn the result of a legitimate election. We have a chilling realization of how close our fragile system came to being destroyed at the hands of the delusional and the dishonorable.

Rep. Liz Cheney is a rare American and a particularly unusual Republican. She is an ardent ideological foe of President Biden but she is willing to courageously stand up for the truth. For her bravery, she is likely to be ousted from office and has placed her personal safety at risk. Cheney said it all: “Tonight, I say this to my Republican colleagues who are defending the indefensible: There will come a day when Donald Trump is gone, but your dishonor will remain.”

Many former Trump officials and confidants have revealed the turmoil that went on within the administration, particularly in its final days, and many have expressed regret for becoming involved with a delusional and dangerous president. Even Bill Barr, former Trump attorney general and stooge, has come clean: that Trump’s claims were “bulls–t” and that his conspiracy theories were “nonsense.” I am confident that many more will emerge as they attempt to repair their reputations. Oren Spiegler

Cranford, NJ: Now that Fox News is airing the Jan. 6 hearings, will ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC (just to name a few) be covering the assassination attempt on Justice Brett Kavanaugh? Elizabeth D’Angelo

Westwood, NJ: To Voicer Glenn Stevenson: There are many terrible things going on and a real tough road ahead. However, no longer am I embarrassed by the president of my country. And the upset stomach I had for four years has magically gone away — just like Trump told us would happen with the COVID-19 virus. Robert Koch

Lindenhurst, LI: We suggest some Father’s Day ideas: Request a memorial Mass prayer said for your deceased father. Visit the forgotten fathers, the elderly and disabled men in nursing homes and hospitals. Volunteer, donate or visit the shut-ins and homeless fathers who are alone. All fathers deserve to be remembered, not just your own. Susan and Bob Davniero

Toms River, NJ: There is a definite meaning to Father’s Day. A father plays a significant role in a child’s life. He is the steadfast pillar of support for his children. He is there for encouragement and emotional and moral support and, of course, for financial assistance when required. Essentially, a father is someone on whom his children can depend. Unfortunately, there are too many boys out there trying to be men by fathering children. Look, guys, if you’re not prepared for all the responsibilities and obligations that come with bringing children into the world, then I strongly urge you to use a prophylactic. There are way too many fatherless children in the world, many of whom are unwanted and unloved, and we don’t need any of you adding to this problem. Rudy Ross

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Bronx: After seven months, a suspect has been arrested for an alleged hate crime here in our city (“B’klyn bigot attacked 3 for speaking Cantonese & now he’s busted: NYPD,” June 16). But no front-page headline, only a small article on page 17! Why? Luckily, there is an accompanying picture of the alleged assault and it is worth the proverbial thousand words. Joe Schulok

Brooklyn: On June 15, I was stopped at a police roadblock on Foster Ave. in Brooklyn. I was informed by the officer that they were checking for registration, license and insurance. I have no problem with that, but I want to know why the police don’t go on Church Ave. in Brooklyn, where there are more than 100 illegal cabs with no insurance and Texas paper plates likely bought on the internet. These drivers pay no taxes while making hundreds of dollars a day. Something needs to be done about this. Mayor Adams, are you listening? Kalmus Lowe

Kearny, NJ: So a court has ruled that Happy the elephant is not a person and must stay at the Bronx Zoo (“Not human, nor free,” June 15). If I were Happy, I would pack up my trunk and leave in the middle of the night. Kevin Dale

Tuckahoe, NY: It’s no surprise that the Daily News agrees with the court’s pitiful decision on Happy the elephant (“The elephant in the room,” editorial, June 15). These are the same folks who celebrate carriage horses in NYC, even as the animals collapse and die right on our streets. Elephants aren’t illegal immigrants; Happy was kidnapped from her herd in the wild as a baby and sent to the zoo as a youngster. The zoos are part and parcel of this disgraceful activity. They are for-profit businesses, part of the cycle of exploitation. The Bronx Zoo is the second richest zoo in the nation, taking in almost $20 million annually. In 2005, it announced it would end its captive elephant program, stating, “It would be inhumane to sustain an exhibit with a single elephant.” But elephants are still big moneymakers for them. No wonder they fight tooth and nail to keep her. Kiley Blackman

Yonkers: Let me get this straight: A student who studies and breaks his or her backside in order to aspire to an A-list school is now joined by those with a mediocre grade average starting at 85%. This ridiculous amendment to the educational system is solely to allow more minorities the opportunity to attend the same schools as students who truly earned the accreditation. Just another example of promotion and financial prestige based on skin color or religious belief as opposed to true intellectual skills and abilities. I don’t care what size, shape, color or religion you are. Earn your wings, don’t buy them. So go ahead, applicants, and tout that Bronx Science diploma — the one you acquired by anything other than academic achievement. Ralph A. Manente

East Meadow, LI: To Voicer C. Weisman: We were never “energy-independent,” despite the right-wing political talking points. The US still exports more oil than it imports. That has not changed, despite what the lying talking heads at Fox News tell you. President Biden didn’t shut down US energy production. It was higher last year than in Trump’s first two years. But we can never be completely independent because our refineries are designed to refine heavy crude, while the oil we produce domestically is light crude. So even when we produce more oil, we can’t use it here so we export it. I’ll tell you one thing that Trump did do: He increased oil imports from Russia. Richard Skibins

Truth Or Consequences, NM: Voicer Anna Maria McCorry takes liberties with history. She conveniently blames white Anglo-Saxon Protestants for the discrimination and intolerance that people have faced in America, including the hardships that the Native Americans have experienced. She states: “We must remember what those white Anglo-Saxons did to the Indigenous people.” Christopher Columbus, a Roman Catholic adventurer and opportunist from Genoa who sailed for Spain, came to the New World in 1492, long before those who spoke the “Queen’s English” ever set foot in the Western Hemisphere. It has been well documented that Columbus exploited the Native population, institutionalized the slave trade in the Western Hemisphere and engaged in human trafficking. And yet, each year many localities pay homage to Columbus, Spain’s first conquistador, slave trader, pimp and spreader of death and disease among the native population. By the way, Voicer McCorry, in case you missed the point: Columbus was not an Anglo-Saxon. Hansje Kropis-Van de Geest

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