Pflasterer receives Indian Head; 36 scholarships granted on awards night at EHS | Local News

Elsberry, Mo. – Senior students, EHS (Elsberry High School) staff and community members gathered in the EHS gym last week to highlight the successes of the graduating students. Honors for academic excellence, community outreach and more were presented, including the highly coveted Indian Head. The celebration was kick-started by a 1980’s themed skit featuring the students, after which awards and scholarships were dished out.

In the awards section of the evening, (the awards of which are voted on by faculty school wide), track and band superstar Josiah Heras took home Outstanding Alumni Boy, while the bubbling Abby Jenkins took home Outstanding Alumni Girl. Faculty elected Taylor Watts as the Lincoln County Journal Outstanding Senior, and in the grand reveal of the evening, awarded the illustrious Indian Head to Kelsey Pflasterer.

The Jesse Black English award (voted on by the English Department) went to Chloe Brandt, while fellow senior Abigail Jenkins was awarded the Philanthropic Education Organization’s scholar award for further studies.

Military awards were presented on behalf of the Sons of American Legion, the American Legion Riders and the American Legion Auxiliary. The recipients were as follows: Marine Corp, Eli Gladney; Marine Corp, Marissa McNelly; Navy, Shawn White; Army National Guard, Harley Hays.

The students of the month were Abigail Jenkins, Ariel Rios, Josiah Heras, Kelsey Pflasterer, Kyndal Pratt, Payton Robinson, Sydney Richnak, Taylor Watts, and Timmy Georgie.

Along with the honors, monetary scholarships were also presented to many of the graduating students. These scholarships came from a variety of regional, state and national organizations.

High school students enrolled full time in a college or a vocational school were eligible to receive Missouri’s A+ scholarship. The A+ scholarship recipients for the year were Abigail Jenkins, Alexa Potter, Ariel Rios, Emma Brushwood, Ella Gomel, Jaide Mahurin, Kasey Haub, Katina Galati, Kelsey Pflasterer, Kyle Daniel, Payton Robinson and Sydney Richnak.

36 private scholarships were awarded, some on multiple occasions. Not granted during the evenings were FFA scholarships (although they were announced) and university scholarships. The private scholarships awarded and their recipients are as follows:

Barnes-McGee, Josiah Heras; Carter and Dane Brooksher, Sydney Richnak; Clarence Cannon, Abigail Jenkins; Clark Cox Memorial, Katina Galati; Bo Henry; Emma Brushwood; Community Teachers Association, Ariel Rios; Edna Ann Wagoner, Katina Galati; Elsberry Alumni Association, Kelsey Pflasterer; Josiah Heras; Elsberry Firefighters Community Outreach, Payton Robinson; Kyndal Pratt; FCS Financial, Kyle Daniel; Floyd B. Dowell Jr. Memorial, Payton Robinson; Fort Zumwalt Education Association, Kyle Daniel; Friends of Elsberry Literacy, Katina Galati; Jillian Anne Young Memorial, Taylor Watts; Johnny Zerrer Jr. Memorial, Kyndal Pratt; Lincoln County Ambulance District, Kyndal Pratt; Lincoln County Farmers Mutual, Kyle Daniel; Lincoln County Moose Lodge 2599, Abigail Jenkins; Lovelace Wagoner, Abigail Jenkins; Matt Jones Insurance, Kyle Daniel; Margaret Palmer, Colby Twellman; Kyle Daniel; Marion Keim Memorial, Payton Robinson; Kyle Daniel; Kelsey Pflasterer; Maryann Meives Memorial, Abigail Jenkins; Kyle Daniel; Northwest Mutual Insurance Company, Taylor Watts; Old Monroe Lumber Company, Bo Henry; Rosemary Schaffer/American Legion Auxiliary, Kelsey Pflasterer; Shelter Insurance, Taylor Watts; Sherman-Sechler, Emma Brushwood; Sons of American Legion, Kelsey Pflasterer; Study Club, Sydney Richnak; Trent Huber Memorial, Colby Twellman.


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