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Take additional safety measures

Despite the fact that schooling is critical for the academic growth of children, sending wards to school is a hard decision to make for their parents, when the Covid wave continues to infect many people. Many parents would prefer to wait and watch till the spread of the dreaded virus has been completely negated. Hence, to instill confidence in the minds of reluctant parents, schools and the administration will need to contemplate additional safety measures before opening primary classes.

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As the polling day for the Punjab Assembly elections is approaching near, politicians are promising a moon. What are real issues that plague Ludhiana and need immediate resolution?

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Closing schools not the solution

In my opinion, opening of schools is a welcome step. The pandemic has prolonged its stay and with this, there has been an increase in Covid cases. But vaccine is available for students in the age group of 15 years and above. These students must be encouraged to get themselves vaccinated at the earliest. To save the students from academic loss, schools must be opened. Different methods can be adopted for maintaining physical distancing schools at such as deferred classes, odd even system and classes in open spaces. The schools should not be closed at any cost. Closing schools is not a feasible solution. There is no fixed time for the pandemic to abate and in such a situation, we need to learn to live with the virus. Moreover, as per doctors, children have more anti-bodies as compared to adults and almost all teachers and supporting staff in schools are vaccinated against the disease. Hence, the schools can function normally.

Bir Devinder Singh Bedi

Open institutes with precautions

In my view, all institutes and other establishments must be opened along with Covid safety precautions. In all states, unemployment rate is increasing continuously and people are working at low wages since the beginning of the pandemic. To curb increase in unemployment and to get better results in education, all establishments must be reopened. But people should follow all Covid guidelines. In schools and colleges, staff and eligible students should get themselves vaccinated to attend their institutes.

Mohd Saleem Farooqui

Opening of schools welcome step

The government has decided to open schools for students of Class VI and above. The step must be welcomed as the studies of students have been affected due to the limitations of the online teaching. The government must open other offices and institutes by ordering to follow all Covid protocols. Employees of all firms or educational institutions must have two doses of vaccine and they must follow all Covid safety norms. In schools or colleges, the number of students should not be more than 20 in a class.

Farzana Khan

Allow kids to attend physical classes

A number of people are still infected by Covid and deaths due to the virus continue to occur on a daily basis. We should not panic, rather adopt a pragmatic approach to curb the spread of the dreaded virus. As schools were shut during the pandemic, children from affluent families switched to online teaching almost seamlessly but underprivileged children were affected in different ways due to the same. The students were becoming asocial and the underprivileged children were unable to attend classes in a proper manner. Most of the teachers are now fully vaccinated. Now, students want to go to their respective schools for taking part in morning prayers, sports, face-to-face interactions, etc. Children should be allowed to continue with physical classes with all Covid safety protocols. Complete closure of schools is no solution to the present situation. The administration should provide RT-PCR kits to schools to conduct random tests for early diagnosis of the disease. School hours should be restricted to three hours a day without recess as interval is the time when students are likely to flout Covid norms. Free vaccination camps should be organized at schools on a regular basis.

RS Sembhi

Attend classes but don’t lower guard

As the number of Covid positive patients have been declining and Omicron variant of the virus is comparatively less dangerous, some restrictions can be eased. Studies of students have already suffered a lot due to the pandemic. Though it is high time educational institutions resume their functioning, students should not lower their guards, they must continue using masks, hand sanitisers and also maintain physical distancing to prevent the spread of Covid. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Sunil Chopra

Kids taking advantage of online teaching

Restrictions must be eased in the education sector. The decision of the government to open educational institutions for youngsters is good. Students are taking undue advantage of the online mode of education which is detrimental for the coming generations. Cheating in examinations has become a common phenomenon and students are their degrees without gaining proper knowledge from books. How will they serve society is a big question. Children of Class VI and above are mature enough to take care of themselves. Hence, it is advisable to open the educational institutions by adhering to all Covid-19 protocols in a proper manner.

Ritu Priya

Ease restrictions in phased manner

The state government has allowed the opening of schools (from Class VI onwards), colleges, universities, coaching and technical institutes for physical classes from February 7. The restrictions should not be lifted immediately during the elections. As all students of Class VI and above have not vaccinated completely, how can children go to school. All people should keep one thing in mind that health is wealth. Restrictions should be lifted in a phased manner as per the situation.

Adish Sood

Stop online teaching

Students and parents have been under stress during Covid-induced lockdown and closure of schools amid the pandemic. Children are confined to their homes and deprived of outdoor sports and activities. Their physical and mental health suffered a lot during this phase. The behavior of children has become irritating and aggressive due to the situation. Hence, some steps have to be taken to take care of children. As the Covid-19 situation is under control now, only offline classes should be started with full capacity and potential. Vaccination drive of children should be intensified, Covid-19 norms should be followed by all, all teaching staff should be fully vaccinated and schools and colleges should cover the syllabus quickly. Motivation of parents is also required to send their children to schools. Online classes should be stopped completely.

Sukhdev Sharma

Opening of institutes can wait

The third wave of the Covid pandemic is still on and every day, people are getting affected by the virus and many lives are lost due to the disease. Schools, colleges, universities and technical institutes have opened in the state. Children and youth are the future of the nation. If they get infected, it will be disastrous. Hence, it is not a wise step to open all institutes now and risking the lives of youth of the country. Students are now used to online teaching and thus their studies can be well managed, as earlier, without formally opening schools and other educational institutes for some more months. Now, the Covid situation is under control. The nation may wait for some more time and allow opening of all institutes till it is sure that there is no danger of spreading the virus.

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