Olive Natural Skincare eco mission continues after launching first recyclable packaging

Established in 2001, Olive Natural Skincare is a New Zealand-based company that offers natural skin care and baby care products.

Recently, the company announced that its business operations were certified Zero Carbon by the independent agency Ekos in New Zealand. The Ekos Zero Carbon certification ensures that the operation has measured and offset 100% of its CO2 emissions.

speaking to CosmeticsDesign-Asia​, CEO Mark Green said the firm’s sustainability journey was a big project. “This is really a journey for us – no real beginning and no real end.”

The company has multiple objectives such as cutting down its electricity usage and possible converting to alternative energy sources like solar.

Olive is also set to launch its new eco-conscious packaging designs, which are almost fully recyclable, save for the pump components.

Green told us that the company has been extremely satisfied with the new recyclable packaging but is continuing its sustainable packaging development.

“We’re pretty much at the forefront of what people can achieve these days with recyclable packaging, but we were now looking more at the front end of using recycled plastic.”

However, stepping away from virgin plastic has brought about difficulties the company had not expected.

“That’s been more of a challenge than I thought. Recycled plastic is really difficult to get a hold of, so we’ve been exploring the possibility of acquiring our own blow moulder to make our own bottles and finding our own source of recycled plastic pellets . If we’re just blowing one size and shape, I think we could probably do it reasonably efficiently,” ​said Green.


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