Nicole Kidman Skin Care 2022 — Neutrogena Retinol

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I’m always on the lookout for celebrity-approved beauty products that have the potential to give me A-list-level skin. Nicole Kidman is one of the enviable beauties who, at 54 years old, manages to maintain the line-free complexion of a 25-year-old. Of course, I’m not sure what her in-office maintenance routine is, but she certainly doesn’t look like she’s been completely frozen by Botox, which means her skincare lineup is probably the culprit behind her ageless appearance.

Kidman presumably has a skincare budget that I could only dream of, so I would assume the Oscar-winning actress’ beauty collection would be chock full of luxury products in the $100+ range—you know, Augustinus Bader, Dr. Barbara Sterm, La Mer, etc. When I learned that her nighttime anti-aging routine hero was a $20 retinol serum from the drugstore, I was equal parts stunned and delighted. “I believe in using retinol at night, so I use the Neutrogena Night Repair. I know people go ‘Retinol! It’ll make your skin dry,’ but [this one] doesn’t,” Kidman told Byrdie in an interview.

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Retinol Moisturizer

The affordable anti-aging cream’s line-erasing superpowers are brought to us by the brand’s proprietary Accelerated Retinol-SA blend which consists of a super fast-acting form of retinol, barrier-repairing glucose, and plumping hyaluronic acid. This skincare cocktail helps to brighten dullness, firm sagging skin, and soften the look of fine line lines in as little as one day—yes, you read that right. As Kidman noted, the formula doesn’t cause excessive drying, flaking, or peeling (like most retinol products) thanks to the addition of hydration-boosting HA and soothing Communis Leaf Extract, which works to counteract any irritation caused by the retinol.

Not only is Neutrogena’s Rapid Wrinkle Repair Regenerating moisturizer celebrity-endorsed, but it’s also earned a near-perfect five-star rating backed by almost 25,000 glowing reviews. “This product is unbelievable. I love it. Within about 3 days I could see a major difference. No wrinkles around my lips and eyes and [the] skin on my neck has [tightened] up also. I have tried everything and have spent hundreds of dollars on products that don’t work. I will never be without this product,” one 70-year-old Amazon reviewer wrote. “I’ve been using this product for over five years. People think I’m 35, but I’m 50,” another shopper said. If you need more convincing that this drugstore cream belongs in your skincare drawer, just head to the customer-uploaded before and after pictures on Amazon— trust me!


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