Mrunal Thakur reveals 5 summer skincare secrets to look and feel gorgeous

There is no denying the fact that heat in certain parts of India can be rather unforgiving. This year, several Indian cities recorded their all-time highest temperature in April and May. And, days notably felt hotter than previous years. To face the rising temperature and heatwaves, several fashionistas, actresses and models gradually tweaked their summer skincare routines. While most divas kept their summer skincare routines a secret, ‘Jersey’ actress Mrunal Thakur happily shared her step-by-step skin and body care routine with us.

In a fun and candid interaction with Wion, Mrunal Thakur, the brand ambassador of Nair, shared how she looks gorgeous even during ultra-hot summer days. She revealed 5 easy yet effective tips for her fans who wish to stay away from skin-related issues even when the sun is shining upon us in all its glory. Read on.

Tip 1 – Keep your body hydrated and nourished at all times

“Summer months would need you to pay special attention to hydration at all level,” Mrunal said. While advising her fans to drink at least 3 litres of water every day, the Jersey actress told her fans to keep their skin hydrated at all times by using body hydration masks, body butters, creams, face lotions, hand creams, etc. Sharing her personal experience with her fandom, the actress said, “Being an actress means I have to be groomed with no body hair at all times. Instead of hitting the salon, I use Nair moisturizing creams that deeply hydrate the skin while getting rid of unwanted hair.”

Tip 2 – Exfoliation is key

Actress Mrunal shared her exfoliation routine and said, “With an increase in the temperature, your oil glands tend to work on an overdrive and leave you in a cycle where you attract more dirt and grime and then dull, damaged skin. While exfoliation for the face is well talked about, this is also something I do for my legs.” The actress shared that she uses a leg seaweed mask for deep exfoliation. The mask hydrates the skin and locks in moisture. She also uses Charcoal and Natural clay masks for a deep pore cleanse.

Tip 3 – Say goodbye to body hair

During summers, we can flaunt cute shorts and tank tops only if we do not skip our waxing appointments. However, Mrunal Thakur uses a host of hair removal products which she also recommends to her fans. She shared that some hair removal creams work well for people with sensitive skin and have no side effects or allergic reactions.

Tip 4 – Become friends with antioxidants

“One thing I highly recommend is using only the best ingredients and high quality products for your skin, as your skin is a good investment. Make sure you EAT antioxidants daily and your skin gets to eat some too, through good products enriched with oils and fruit,” she said.

Tip 5 – Rely on DIYs while travelling

Sharing the final tip, the diva revealed, “We all love to look our best when we travel for all those pics that make great insta posts and lifetime memories. Facial Fuzz and body hair while you travel is a niggling irritant. So, while travelling rely on DIYs to help you beat them.”


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