MDhair Beats Hair Loss With Medical-Grade, Custom Treatment Plans

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Confession: my obsession with haircare started with a horrendously too-short haircut when I was only ten. Since the fateful day I decided to chop off a foot-long ponytail (and yes, it was as bound as it sounds), I’ve tried to treat my tresses as well as I can.

…Okay, maybe, except when I tried bleaching my hair in my college dorm. I’ve put my hair through the wringer over the years. And unfortunately, it’s starting to show via shedding, thinning, and breakage.

Despite its ability to make us feel alienated and less than ourselves, hair loss is incredibly common. Countless factors contribute to hair thinning and hair loss. And while the problem itself isn’t unique, it requires a unique solution.

No two people’s hair loss will look the same (or have the same causes). Thus, no two hair loss treatments should look the same, either. A custom, effective hair solution won’t be waiting for you on the drugstore shelf.

Rather, the best solutions come from science and medical professionals with expertise in hair loss treatment and prevention. That’s why I chose MDhair.

If You Want An Effective Treatment, You Need A Comprehensive Solution


Illness, diet, genetics, stress, and environmental exposures can all cause hair loss. Hair loss can look different depending on the individual. The most effective treatments target your specific blend of causal factors, lifestyle habits, and genetic history. MDhair seeks to do just that.

MDhair is the world’s first medical-grade, customized, and comprehensive hair loss treatment. Its treatment plans center around proprietary four-layer regrowth technology. First, MDhair targets the hair follicles from the outside with its customized hair regrowth serum and hair regrowth shampoo.

In parallel, MDhair works from the inside out with all-natural, vegan hair supplements. Marine collagen peptides promote overall hair and scalp health for long-lasting results.

Before MDhair determines which products are right for you, they ask you to complete a short online quiz and upload a picture of your scalp. The MDhair quiz asks about your gender, age, and hair and health goals. It asks about your hair type, current scalp issues, hair care routine, and diet.

You can include information about your genetic history, past COVID diagnoses, and stress levels. Finally, MDhair also considers special circumstances, like pregnancy, menopause, or low blood pressure. The image you upload is then used to determine your scalp condition and fine- tune the customized treatment kit.

Real-Life Solutions, Backed By Science And Medical Professionals

Graphic explaining how the MDHair process works.
(MD Hair)

As someone who has spent her whole life growing out, damaging, and chopping her hair off, I’ve tried my fair share of hair regrowth cure-alls. My cynicism assumed the MDhair quiz would end with an AI program churning out vague, pre -programmed results—but I was wrong.

After taking the online quiz, I was asked to upload a photo of my scalp for an MDhair professional to review manually. Sure, it’s awkward to take a picture of your own scalp. But it’s no less awkward than having a doctor analyze you in person . It’s also considerably easier, cheaper, and less time-consuming.

MDhair takes your photo and quiz results to create a specific, highly customized treatment plan. Each plan combines FDA-approved anti-hair loss medications and clinically effective, medical-grade botanicals and nutraceuticals.

MDhair doesn’t just test individual ingredients; it ensures the efficacy of the treatment plans as a whole. Peer-reviewed clinical research studies found an increase in hair count as early as one month after daily use. Over 80% of participants saw an increase in hair density and were satisfied with their treatment.

Moreover, MDhair knows that regrowth is an ongoing process. The MDhair team of full-time RNs regularly checks in on your progress. The nurses will tweak your plan where necessary based on these check-ins. You can also enjoy unlimited access to online dermatology support throughout your regrowth journey.

My MDhair Treatment Plan

MDhair treatment plan in box

My cynicism be darned—it turns out MDhair is the real deal. But if the high-quality products and clinical research won’t convince you, maybe the results will.

I have long, straight, dry hair and a dry, itchy scalp. My diet isn’t totally lacking in veggies, but I’m also not winning any awards for Most Kale Eaten anytime soon. I have a relatively stressful daily life and was recently diagnosed with COVID-19, which can exacerbate hair loss due to inflammation. MDhair sent me medicated shampoo, serum, and supplements to fix my parched, stressed-out, post-COVID tresses.

A quick look at the ingredient list revealed a slew of hard-working botanicals I could actually pronounce, which instantly made me feel better about trying my new products.

What I didn’t see were harsh parabens, sulfates, or silicon.
Feeling good about what I was about to slather all over my head, I hurried on to the fun part: trying out my new MDhair regimen.

Clean Hair You Can See And Feel

Woman shows before and after scalp regrowth

The shampoo and conditioner have a delicious herbal scent that keeps my hair smelling fresh all day long. Working the products into my hair was easy, and my dry tresses soaked up the moisturizers in a flash. The serum was easy to use, blending into my roots without making them look greasy or damp.

MDhair knocked my cynicism down one peg further when I saw instant results post-shower. I air-dried my hair like usual and was excited to see my normally frazzled, hay-like ends looking smooth and silky. I had also been battling a bad case of staticky hair, which my MDhair products appeared to solve after just one use.

While I can’t report gaining an extra three inches to my hair overnight, the immediate results stand on their own. If it can make my hair look and feel this good with one use, I have all the confidence that those results will only get better after four months. (This is typically how long it takes to see regrowth results, according to MDhair.)

Treating Hair Loss Has Never Been Easier

Two women and one man holding MDhair products

From R&D to formulating treatment plans, MDhair has taken virtually all the legwork out of your hair regrowth journey. To get started, all you have to do is take the online quiz—from there, MDhair guides you to the next steps.

Alternatively, you can shop for individual products instead. This is especially useful if you’re looking to replenish certain products in your treatment plan or target particular problems, like eyelash regrowth.

MDhair currently ships to ten countries, including the US, UK, and Canada. You can track your shipments (or eagerly check the mailbox every day like I did). American customers can expect their MDhair shipment within four to seven business days.

A subscription is the most effective (and convenient) way to order MDhair. Hair regrowth is a marathonnot a sprint. You’ll need to use your treatment plan over several months to see the best results. MDhair renews your subscription automatically, sending you replacement products every two months.

Because subscription kits contain medical-grade products, they cannot be returned. However, MDhair does accept returns of unopened, first-time purchases of individual shop products. But trust me—you’re not going to want to give these fantastic products back.

MDhair has three treatment plans, starting at just $19 for a one-month trial. The premium treatment plan includes around five products: serum, shampoo and conditioner, hair supplements, and collagen peptides (plus 24/7 online support). Even this premium plan is shockingly affordable at only $68 a month, beating the cost of individual products of similar quality.

However, MDhair’s most significant value isn’t the money or time you save (even though it is a lot). Indeed, the greatest benefit is what it provides in terms of restoring self-esteem, identity, and happiness in our lives.

Don’t hide behind your hair loss (or questionable past hair choices) anymore. Put your best face and scalp forward and live more confidently with MDhair.

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