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Do you often find yourself feeling restless and angry in summer months? Studies show that people experience increased frustration and anger issues in hot weather. One tends to feel physically uncomfortable due to heat and humidity which could affect our moods, mental health and cognition. According to to American Professor Craig A. Anderson, hot temperatures may increase aggressive motivation and, in some conditions, aggressive behaviour. (Also read: Doctors share tips to manage depression in cancer patients)

Apart from this there is also a nutrition angle involved in this. Our body may start lacking in some the nutrients and vitamins because of the extremely warm weather and heat due to which we may experience changes in our mood.

This might be the reason, why our productivity may also get impacted as the mercury rises.

“With the increasing temperature on the outside, the heat inside our body also increases. That is how productivity decreases and we lose our calm,” says KD Kuldeep, Business Coach.

“To stay calm and function normally, it is good to stay hydrated, eat fruits that have more water content and discuss ideas with people around you. Don’t get the sun’s heat get to your mind and hamper your productivity,” adds the coach .

Heat can negatively affect one’s mental health and affect cognition, mood, and other mental health and well-being aspects. However, meditation and other calming techniques can help us change focus and deal with life’s challenges.

“A calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, vital for healthy well-being. We can attain this by meditating, changing the focus of attention from the negativity around us to positivity, and developing qualities that help us deal with life’s challenges. One must always pay heed to healthy living, as a healthy life has a healthy mind,” says Dr Priya Kaul, a spiritual healer and life coach.

While one may feel the urge to laze around in summers and stay cooped up in an air-conditioned room, experts say staying physically active can make all the difference.

“In summers, we tend to feel dull and lazy which makes us all feel annoyed. Therefore to keep yourself calm during summers, it is important to remain physically active. You can go out in the evening to play some sports, go for an evening or morning walk, do some yoga or exercises. Doing these activities will not only keep you physically fit but would also ensure good mental health,” says Kamayani Naresh, Founder and Health Expert, Zyropathy.

The intense summer heat can also lead to fluid loss due to which one may develop nutritional deficiencies. If you have been feeling dull, tired and angry, it could be due to dehydration or lack of some vitamins and minerals.

“In summer season, our body starts lacking some the nutrients and vitamins because of the extremely warm weather and heat. We are also more prone to getting dehydrated. All this makes us feel dull and tired, ultimately making us feel exasperated. Therefore we recommend that you should drink loads of water, include fruits in your diet especially those which have high water content and are rich in vitamin C and vitamin A and avoid oily, sugary food. Indulge in some physical activities like playing sports or exercising which would not make you feel lazy and would keep you refreshed throughout the day,” says Dt. Sanchita pathak, Sr. Consultant Dietician, Himalayan organics.

Tips to stay calm for pregnant women

According to Dr Nishi Singh, HOD of Department of Infertility & IVF at Prime IVF Center, issues like rashes, heartburn and indigestion may affect pregnant women in summers. “To stay calm in summer and have a smooth pregnancy, consume more water, indulge in some physical activity and consume light food,” she says.

Tips to stay calm for elderly

Summers is one of the most problematic times for elder people as they face issues like digestion problems due to the extremely warm weather, dehydration, heat stroke, heat cramps etc. which affect their physical and mental health, says Ishita Bagchi, Head-Operations and HR, Vesta ElderCare.

“Take care of their diet, keep them hydrated, make sure that they do some sort of physical activities like going out for a walk or yoga,” says Bagchi.


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