Kelly lauds work of 2021 Board of Education Governors

Topeka, Kansas (WIBW) – Members of the Board of Governors for Education Friday morning presented the group’s 2021 annual report during a meeting in the old Supreme Court room at State House.

Governor Laura Kelly attended the meeting and praised the work of the council, which was formed shortly after taking office in January 2019.

According to its annual report, the council’s 48 members represent education, business, industry and government.

Members from locations across the state are tasked with: Focusing on quality education from birth through adulthood. ensuring opportunities for all Kansans in each area of ​​the state; Being aware of equality in the diverse experiences of Kansans; and embrace new innovations and bold strategies that can benefit KS students.

Among the priorities the board included in its 2021 report were: Improving the Kansas Children’s Daycare Assistance Credit. investing in education and workforce systems that benefit computer science and information technology; Providing funding for the modernization of technology and equipment to support higher education in correctional facilities; And the formation of a committee of experts to review and recommend career paths in specific jobs in the health care sector.

Cynthia Lane, of Kansas City, co-chair of the Board of Governors for Education, said she was pleased with the work members produced in 2021, particularly considering adjustments that had to be made due to coronavirus concerns.

Lin said that among the group’s accomplishments, two stood out.

One of them, she said, was the recommendation on the early childhood tax credit, which allowed more companies the opportunity to provide childcare directly to their employees.

The other group, she said, was the “Future Preparedness” group, which works to identify “those cross-sectoral skills in technology and IT that we all need for the jobs of the future.”

“I think they are two really transformative pieces and recommendations.”

Lynn added that the 2021 report presented Friday morning also focuses on the council’s mission to provide educational opportunities to individuals of all ages with the goal of keeping them in Kansas.

“I think this report took a huge step in previous years to really think about how we grow talent in KS and how we retain talent,” Lin said. “And that begins the moment our children hit the nursery door all the way into adulthood — we want to align with the good jobs that will drive our economy and most importantly, keep people in KS.”

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