Israeli Tech Company Aims To Solve US Baby Formula Crisis

‘MyOr has received numerous requests from distressed retailers in the US eager to supply our products’

MyOr, an Israeli health-tech company, has submitted the required documentation to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to import baby formula that has been lacking in the country for months.

The formula produced – together with a subsidiary company in Mexico called AlphaCare, right over the Mexican-US border – will offer “practical, immediate response to alleviate the shortage,” according to a company press release.

“MyOr has received numerous requests from distressed retailers in the US eager to supply our products,” said Dr. Ariel Katz, CEO of MyOr and AlphaCare.

“We’re talking about the most basic and humane act of providing newborn babies with nutrition. MyOr has made supporting the community of parents in the US our number one priority, and we’ve prepared a huge stock of specialty infant formula to ship immediately ,” the official added.

Pending FDA approval, MyOr has designated existing stock of infant formula in its AlphaCare Mexican factories as well as future production primarily for US import. MyOr has already made arrangements for shipment and distribution to be implemented immediately upon FDA approval, the company said.

With 74 percent of baby formula supplies already out of stock across the US, the White House was forced to take action. Earlier last week, US President Joe Biden met with infant food executives and said his administration was doing everything it could to help.

The FDA recently issued an emergency guidance to help alleviate the shortage and enable the import and distribution of infant formulas produced abroad into the country.

Initially caused by supply chain blockages and a lack of workers due to the pandemic, the formula shortage was exacerbated when one of the country’s largest formula producers in the United States, Abbott, closed its Sturges plant in Michigan. Regulators forced the shutdown amid complaints the plant did not adequately protect against contamination from bacteria.

Founded in 2018, Israeli tech company MyOr is focused on healthcare solutions for infants at-risk with a specific focus on food allergies and nutritional sufficiency.

Company products include a digital platform for predicting food allergies and eczema from birth as well as a non-invasive hemoglobin test using a smartphone camera.

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