Introducing the South Carolina Corps of Cadets leadership for 2022-23

Photo above: Seven members of the new South Carolina Corps of Cadets leadership for the 2022-2023 school year at The Citadel pose for a photo at the HMS Seraph Monument on campus on March 8, 2022. Pictured clockwise, from back left: Trevor Compton , Joseph Justis, Grace Wolfe, Thomas Giles, Thomas Grealy, Anthony Lee, Brandon Johnson and Patrick Cherry.

Commandant of Cadets announces new leadership for upcoming academic year

After a series of rank board engagements, performance reviews and interviews, the newest cadet leaders for the South Carolina Corps of Cadets are now poised to take over when the Class of 2022 graduates as part of the college’s Long Gray Line.

The Citadel’s tradition of developing principled leaders through a 24/7 military structure on campus continues, positioning cadets to run the Corps by earning increasing rank throughout their time on campus. Rank holders accumulate real leadership experience, making decisions that contribute directly to the academic, physical fitness, military training and overall success of the Corps.

The Citadel Commandant of Cadets, Col. Thomas Gordon, USMC (Ret.), ’91, announced the new cadet leadership for the 2022-2023 school year in in Jenkins Hall on campus in Charleston, South Carolina on Thursday, March 8, 2022.

The Citadel Commandant of Cadets, Col. Thomas Gordon, USMC (Ret.), ’91, announced the new cadet leadership for the 2022-2023 school year during a gathering in Jenkins Hall on March 8.

“This will be the most consequential thing you have done up to this point in your lives,” said The Citadel Commandant of Cadets Col. Thomas Gordon, USMC (Ret.), ’91, when announcing next year’s leadership. “I will tell you, without a bit of hyperbole, that my year as a company commander in the Corps of Cadets was the most impactful for me as a leader for the first five years of my Marine Corps career. This is your opportunity to sharpen and refine your leadership skills.”

The top ranking cadets for the Class of 2023 will include:

Regimental Commander – Brandon W. Johnson
Major: Supply Chain Management
Hometown: Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Deputy Regimental Commander – Patrick T. Cherry
Major: Accounting
Hometown: Carmel, Indiana

Regimental Executive Officer (XO) – Anthony M. Lee
Major: Accounting
Hometown: Cumming, Georgia

Regimental Academic Officer – Alexandrea F. Carter
Major – Physics
Hometown – Dickson City, Pennsylvania

Honor Board Chair — Drew N. Johnson
Major – Business Administration
Hometown – Chapin, South Carolina

1st Battalion Commander – Trevor Compton
Major – Mechanical Engineering
Hometown – Gulf Breeze, Florida

2nd Battalion – Joseph P. Justis
Major – Psychology
Hometown – Summerville, South Carolina

3rd Battalion Commander – Grace E. Wolfe
Major – Business Management
Hometown – Houston, Texas

4th Battalion Commander – Thomas Blake H. Giles
Major – Civil Engineering
Hometown – Columbia, South Carolina

5th Battalion Commander – Thomas M. Grealy
Major – Finance
Hometown – South Boston, Massachusetts

Regimental Cadet Sergeant Major – Sullivan M. Newsome
Major – Supply Chain Management
Hometown – Prosperity, South Carolina

The regimental staff will lead approximately 80 cadet officers in the command of the Corps’ five battalions and 21 companies during the next academic year, with positions ranging from battalion sergeant majors to company first sergeants.

1st Battalion

1st Battalion Commander – Trevor Compton (see above)
A Company Commander – William A. Howl. Mechanical Engineering. Waldorf, Maryland.
B Company Commander – Madelyn C. Wojciechowski. Nursing. East Sandwich, Maryland.
C Company Commander – Samuel M. Kreis. Supply Change Management. Indianapolis, Indiana.
D Company Commander – Samuel C. Rieger. Intelligence and Security Studies. Cincinnati, Ohio.

2nd Battalion

2nd Battalion Commander – Joseph P. Justis (see above)
E Company Commander – Ezra N. Mack. Psychology. Florence, South Carolina.
F Company Commander – Isaac G. Patterson. Mechanical Engineering. Virginia Beach, Virginia.
G Company Commander – Annabelle Miller. Intelligence and Security Studies. Coral Springs, Florida.
H Company Commander – Christopher T. Ambrosio. Intelligence and Security Studies. Waretown, New Jersey.
Band Company Commander – Christopher Rohrer. Intelligence and Security Studies. Beaufort, South Carolina.

3rd Battalion

3rd Battalion Commander – Grace E. Wolf (see above)
I Company Commander – Dyce J. Duckworth. Psychology. Woburn, Massachusetts.
K Company Commander – Taylor R. Swiger. Political Science. Martinsburg, West Virginia.
L Company Commander – Srijit K. Mukherjee. Political Science. Apex, North Carolina.
M Company Commander – Thomas M. Chapman. Criminal Justice. Florence, South Carolina.

4th Battalion

4th Battalion Commander – Thomas Blake H. Giles (see above)
N Company Commander – Christopher D. Sullivan. Intelligence and Security Studies. East Falmouth, Massachusetts.
O Company Commander – Joshua S. Gibson. Civil Engineering. Greenville, South Carolina.
R Company Commander – Braxton N. Weaver. Supply Chain Management. Columbia, South Carolina.
T Company Commander – Aiden M. McCabe. Political Science. Irmo, South Carolina.

5th Battalion

5th Battalion Commander –Thomas M. Grealy (see above)
P Company Commander – Stephen S. Kaiser-Parlette. Political Science. Huber Heights, Ohio.
S Company Commander – Elissa N. Reckdenwald. Intelligence and Security Studies. Andrews, South Carolina.
V Company Commander – Tyler M. Martin. Intelligence and Security Studies. Newark, Delaware.
Palmetto Battery Commander – Annika G. Ford. Biology. Fort Mill, South Carolina.

Cadets selected for additional positions within Regimental Staff, listed below, will be listed below at a future date.

Regimental Adjutant
Regimental Provost Marshall/Safety
Regimental Operations Officer
Regimental Supply Officer
Regimental Public Affairs Officer
Honor Vice Chairman-Education
Honor Vice Chair for Investigations
Honor Vice Chair for Operations
Regimental Religious Officer
Regt Human Affairs Officer
Regimental Athletic Officer
Regimental Activities Officer
Regimental Recruiting Officer
Regimental Head Drill Master Officer
Senior Mascot Handler
Senior Mascot Handler
Regimental Sergeant Major
Regimental Academic NCO
Regimental Admin NCO
Regimental Operations NCO
Regimental Supply NCO
Regimental Provost NCO
Regimental Human Affairs NCO
Regimental Public Affairs NCO
Regimental Recruiting NCO
Regimental Athletic NCO
Regimental Activities NCO
Junior Mascot Handler
Junior Mascot Handler
Regimental Operations Clerk
Regimental Operations Clerk
Regimental Admin Clerk
Regimental Admin Clerk
Regimental Supply Clerk
Regimental Supply Clerk
Sophomore Mascot Handler
Sophomore Mascot Handler

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