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New Illinois Newsletter Accessible

The Illinois State Genealogical Society’s (ISGS) newest Newsletter (Vol. 43, No. 3, May/June 2022) is now available, free, at Of special interest are the links and information on the 1950 Census and related resources. For example, there is a link to a video of ISGS’ Quarterly editor, Richard Anderson’s TV interview on the topic of the 1950 Census. There are also links to several 2022 RootsTech sessions on the 1950 Census.

Also the Tazewell Genealogical and Historical Society has provided a list of events pertaining to the Underground Railroad. The ISGS President’s letter has helpful information about postmasters. Anyone with Illinois ancestors will find this publication helpful—and free!

Take advantage of Irish resources

Nonfiction author and educator, Jannet L.Walsh, has posted an Irish Genealogy Toolkit: Start telling your family’s story at, in which she shares resources she used in tracing her own Irish roots in the US, Canada and Ireland.

She includes links to other publications including Sean J. Murphy’s “A Primer in Irish Genealogy” (, “first published in 1998 and developed from student notes for the introductory elements of the Adult Education genealogy courses which the author gave in University College Dublin from 1989 until 2017 …[and] continues to serve as a textbook for the author’s ongoing lectures.” (Be sure to take Murphy’s 10-question quiz to “test your knowledge of Irish genealogy.”)

Washington related to Brit’s queen

Genealogist Melissa Davenport Berry has been posting a series on the descendants of the Jamestown, Virginia settlers. In Part 4, at, she writes about family ties between George Washington and Queen Elizabeth II. It should be noted that in another article in this series, Part 5 at /ycksfmr8, she focuses on Washington’s ancestors who “included English noblemen and one French Huguenot who came to Jamestown, Virginia.

Ukrainian cultural sites being destroyed

According to Dick Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter, 152 of Ukraine’s cultural sites have been partially or totally destroyed since the beginning of Russia’s invasion in February 2022. Read more sad details at

Yacht trafficked slaves after slavery abolished

A new exhibit in Louisiana details the story of slaves who were transported illegally in a hidden deck of a luxury yacht called the Wanderer. Read more details at and also click on the link to a video which tells of some of the people on that vessel. Heartbreaking, to be sure.

Deadliest sea disaster little-known

During the last days of World War II the German ship, Wilhelm Gusloff, sank. Casualties were as high as 9,000 German citizens and soldiers—more than the Titanic and Lusitania combined. Read historic details at


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