I thought I just had heartburn

A SCOTS mum’s life was turned upside down when her heartburn turned out to be an incurable cancer.

Stephanie Scullion, 36, went to see her local GP after experiencing back pain and breathlessness, but was told she was suffering from stress and anxiety.


Stephanie was devastated when she found out her heartburn was a symptom of an incurable cancerCredit: Facebook

It wasn’t until the mum-of-one started having heartburn and indigestion while coughing up blood that she had tests and scans done.

But Stephanie, from Castlemilk, Glasgow, was left devastated after the results came back and she was diagnosed with an incurable cancer.

In 2020, just before the coronavirus lockdown, she was told she has an “extremely rare” sarcoma cancer.

The condition normally affects bones and soft tissue, but in Stephanie’s case it has tragically attached itself to her heart and has taken over he left lung.

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There is currently no treatment or cure for the brave mum, who has been forced to accept that she will never be free of the devastating illness.

But she has vowed to stay strong and fight for her little girl.

Stephanie is refusing to give up hope for a treatment for her daughter Savannah, who is just seven-years-old.

Since chemotherapy isn’t an option, she found a centre in Mexico which could offer her pro-longing treatment to give her more time.

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The Hope4Cancer centre in Tijuana offers “multi-dimensional recovery” which battles cancer through “non-toxic treatment plans”.

And Stephanie hopes the expensive treatment could give her just enough time to watch Savannah grow up.

She told the Glasgow Times: “My whole world has just crumbled around me. I am so scared for my wee girl.

“I’m also angry this has happened to my family. Savannah is only seven. She doesn’t deserve to lose her mum.

“I need this treatment in Mexico for my little girl. I’m just not ready to leave her.”

Stephanie consulted with her doctors and was told they could trial a range of laser therapies which would target the cancer.

Although it would not cure her, it could improve her quality of life.

But the treatment comes with a heft price tag of £60,000.

Stephanie’s family have launched a fundraiser to help support her with some of the costs, and have already managed to raise more than £16,000.

In the GoFundMe page, they wrote: “Stephanie has been doing extensive research into how she can possibly save her life and began to start living her life again with Savannah.

“We have came across a place in Mexico which have an outstanding success rate in curing peoples ‘incurable cancer’.

“After getting in contact with them and going through numerous consultations they have given her the amazing news that they CAN HELP HER!! And can help her naturally! With no harmful chemicals like the chemotherapy.

“As you can imagine this could be life saving treatment so unfortunately this does come with a very high cost.

“As a family we will be giving all we can, donating weekly and monthly try get Stephanie over there but we could use your help!

“Stephanie’s little girl Savannah has been watching her mum go through all this for too long now and needs her mum to get better and can’t go through everyday of worrying if her mum is going to be okay.

“She needs her healthy happy mum back by her side.

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“Stephanie would also like anyone else who is also battling with cancer to get in contact with her to find out more about this treatment and hopefully she can give them some hope!

“We would like to thank anyone who has made it this far, for listening to Stephanie’s story and any donations no matter how little, big or even just a share are so appreciated!!”

Anyone looking to donate to the fundraiser can do so here.

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