How To Explain To Tween To Wear Shorts Under Skirt

Over the past several years, schools have been making wearing shorts under skirts part of the school dress code. Something for tween girls that can be confusing, especially if they did not have to wear them during their early elementary school days. But parents are also asking their tween girls to wear shorts under their skirts. Something that eventually is going to make tweens ask why it is necessary. And parents are going to need to know how to explain to their tween girls why they want them to wear shorts under their skirts.

Having conversations with girls about why they need to change their appearance to make things more comfortable for hormonal boys can be difficult. After all, if tween girls are not flashing their underwear on purpose to others, then why should they be penalized, punished, or made to feel uncomfortable for wanting to wear a skirt to school?

And yet, parents will be having these conversations with their tween girls this summer about why it is now necessary for them to wear shorts under their skirts when they go to school or out socially with their friends.

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Here is how to explain to your tween that you want her to wear shorts under her skirt.

Discuss The Difference Between Younger Years & Now

In the early elementary school days, kids got to wear what they wanted as long as the dress code of the school was followed. There wasn’t any concern about kids running around and accidentally showing off their underwear. It was ignored by most and perhaps giggled at by others. But, once kids became tweens, the situation changed. And now there are things for tween girls to worry about that could be embarrassing to them.

According to The Conversationupskirting has become a trend for tween boys and older to participate in. The premise is that boys will take their cell phones and place them under girls’ skirts without them knowing, per the publication. They then collect the pictures and, according to TheMirrortrade them like trading cards.

This is a criminal offense in some areas, in others it is not. But regardless, tween girls do not want to find themselves in a situation where they are a victim of upskirting. And this is something that should be explained clearly by parents.

Some Activities Were Not Made To Be Done Wearing Skirts

While playing with friends, tween girls will still do cartwheels, play on monkey bars, and the like. As such, they do not want to have their underwear showing. And thus, it is necessary to wear shorts under skirts.

The concept of it not being appropriate to flash underwear is one that is fairly easy to explain. And considering that over the past decade or so, a fashion trend of shorts has been made to specifically wear under skirts so that more active girls can “participate in a game of kickball” or play at recess without worrying about what is showing or not, according to Lucky & Meconvincing tween girls to wear shorts under this premise should not be hard.

Wearing shorts under a skirt can promote confidence. Something that can be talked about with tween girls who might be hesitant about wearing shorts under their skirts.

When wearing skirts or dresses to school, girls are less participatory in activities going on for fear that they cannot be as aggressive as they want to be. But, when they are wearing shorts under these items of clothing, they can play like they normally would. And when girls can play tough just like the boys but look better doing it, there is always confidence that can be born from that situation.

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