How remote working is redefining the future of jobs

With remote working becoming the new normal over the past two years, various factors like digitization, virtual collaboration, deskilling & up-skilling are reshaping the future of work. The coronavirus pandemic has broken down the technological barriers that earlier prevented online learning and remote work ushering in a new era fueled by cutting-edge technology, customized courses/special degrees, and collaborative remote networking and working.

As we enter and learn to thrive in the fourth industrial revolution, the generation is driven by automation, data analytics and skill building. While all the mundane tasks are eventually being replaced by automation/robots, users will get a chance to shift their focus to exploring other skills and careers. In the post-pandemic era, a remote work scenario is enabling professionals to explore various opportunities and skill-building to be a future-ready workforce.

This has resulted in the popularity of various customized courses fueled by newer and evolving technologies like AI and ML training students and professionals with computational & problem-solving skills, design thinking and the ability for them to make more informed decision-making skills.

Jobs are going above and beyond the 9-5, structure and businesses are investing and hiring for a particular skill set.

Soon, lifelong learning coupled with digitization will become a salient part of every professional/student’s journey giving rise to flexible, focused and skill-based career paths in sectors like healthcare, finance, education, edtech and e-commerce with tech-driven virtual work processes.

As jolting as it was to transition to remote/virtual working, the next phase of remote working will reshape and transform the economies across the globe. It will be interesting to see how business leaders will be reshaping their employee hiring and engagement strategy and culture to emerge stronger. Companies looking to hire remote talent will have access to a massive amount of global talent with a vast variety in terms of quality, quantity, and diversity.

The state of technology and collaborative tools is enabling users with ample time and liberty to test their waters and enhance their talent and productivity through virtual collaborative tools and the trend of remote working will play a critical role in building the next generation of workforce that advocates virtual workspaces. It can be easily concluded that the evolution of technology is promoting a smooth work-life in a virtual setup and lifelong learning among professionals with cost and time efficiency. The new generation of Wifi coupled with credible technologies like Machine Learning, IoT, Cloud services and artificial intelligence are influencing the trend of remote working to be the new normal for various businesses. This is an open invitation and a much more beneficial one, for all the sectors to adapt to the changing digital landscape and join the bandwagon of virtual workspaces and much more.

(The author is a Director, Yellow Hour by CHI Technology)


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