How can ML shape the future of education?

The Indian education sector is robust but has been ever-evolving. Ever since the pandemic outbreak, digital adoption will witness a surge in the segment and ed-tech platforms along with online and hybrid learning models have emerged at the forefront. Amongst the plethora of technologies foraying into the sector, AI and ML receive a special mention. They have been contributing in enhancing the market and offering bespoke learning experiences to the students.

Machine Learning (ML) adoption and upscaling the Indian educational landscape

ML, a subset of AI, has various applications in the education industry and is boosting the growth of the Indian EdTech sector. According to IBEF, India boasts of being the second-largest e-learning market after the US. Technologies especially ML has a major role to play in driving the growth of the segment. As per the Markets and Markets report, the global Machine Learning market is projected to grow from $1.03 billion in 2016 to $8.81 billion by the end of 2022 at a CAGR of 44.1%. The APAC region, especially India, is an emerging and progressive market. The report highlights that ML solutions are being further adopted by organizations to enhance customer experiences, generate greater ROI and enjoy a competitive edge in the market. It also states that the education segment will be a major adopter of this new-age solution. Hence, it can be rightly said that as we move into the reinvented education system, ML will shape the future of the education segment drastically.

Here are 7-point transformations that are on the way!

1. Ensuring seamless educational experiences

The ed-tech platforms came in as a blessing in disguise during the pandemic. It is due to tech deployment ML that educators have been able to extend seamless educational experiences to the students without compromising on their studies or quality of content. They will continue to be a key element of the education sector enabling online and hybrid learning in the times to come.

2. Enhanced and Innovative Learning

The learning has already taken the online route. However, developments in technology especially AI and ML offer the opportunity of scaling and enhancing the media-driven educational experiences, especially video-based content, that uses deep learning technologies. The students thus will have all the more access to high-end and tech-savvy learning in the times ahead.

3. Personalized Learning Experiences

Due to Machine Learning, the education sector is transforming significantly in personalizing learning experiences. The technology personalized and customized learning allows and every student to have access to individualized educational experiences. ML enables self-paced learning by offering a curriculum that has been modified to suit the needs of the individual student thereby ensuring that education can be as per their convenience, personal learning agility, time and space.

4. Fostering efficiency

It is due to Machine Learning that classrooms as well as curriculum management, scheduling of lectures, content organizationalong with records storage are handled seamlessly by the machines. ML has thus reduced the scope of human errors in data recording, storage and management. It has also eliminated the need for manual work by teachers and has enabled them to focus on improving the learning experiences and not on the routine admin tasks. Hence, it is due to this technology that education has become efficient in the digital space.

5. Bridging the Learning/Monitoring/Assessment Gaps

ML has empowered the teachers to analyze the students’ performance and track their progress. The data that has been captured can be interpreted to gauge their weaknesses and accordingly come up with viable solutions to bridge the learning gaps. Thus, it is further paving the way for enhanced educational experiences as teachers are able to provide additional assistance to the students who need it. Be it the distribution of the assignments or evaluating them, the education system has become accurate and the tech solution has enabled a transparent and organized grading system.

6. Predictive Analysis carving the path for focused education

Predictive Analysis with ML works with a proof-centric approach backed by data. Leveraging the power of Machine Learning, it analyzes the past and the present data to predict future results and advises on multiple learning pathways. This way the students who are likely to score less in an exam immediately grab the teacher’s attention and are automatically prescribed the learning goals and material for improvement. This ensures no student is left out and there is focused and personalized education. Teachers can then devise strategies for the betterment of their students.

7. Transforming learning into holistic educational experiences

Machine Learning has added the attributes of practicality and real-world exposure to education and plays a key role in offering holistic educational experiences. For instance, AI-enabled smart tutors are gradually marking their presence in virtual classrooms. Artificial Intelligence provides timely assistance and counseling to the students to help them hone their skills and work on their pain points. The mundane lectures are also being transformed into interactive and engaging experiences with the help of video content, flashcards, smart guides, etc. all due to ML.

The bottom line

Technological innovations are revolutionizing the Indian education segment exponentially. The new-age technology of ML has indeed added value to the sector. It has helped in bridging the teacher-student gap by offering tech-enabled and bespoke educational experiences. Remote and hybrid learning empowered by AI and ML is already disrupting the segment as AI tutors and smart classrooms are enhancing the educational experiences.Furthermore, Machine Learning has helped in taking education a notch higher by offering personalized and customized attention to the students, something that was majorly amiss in physical learning provided by the educational institutions!Thus, it would be appropriate to say that ML is playing a pivotal role in shaping the education segment and will make it all the more high-end, tech-savvy and holistic in the times to come!



Views expressed above are the author’s own.

Views expressed above are the author's own.




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