Healthcare workers in Ireland have the highest rate of the Covid-19 booster vaccination

New figures from the Central Statistics Office also show that Ireland’s overall rate of vaccine uptake remains very high

Figures released last month by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) have shown that people working in human health-related activities have the highest rates of Covid-19 booster vaccination.

According to the data, over four-fifths (82%) of this group have received a booster shot, tied with those who work in social-related activities. Healthcare workers have suffered from extremely high levels of Covid throughout the pandemic, particularly at its beginning. In June 2020, approximately one third of all Covid-19 cases were healthcare workers. A total of 22 healthcare workers have died from the illness since March 2020.

On the other end of the spectrum, people employed in accommodation and food service had the lowest rate of booster vaccination at 56%. This public-facing job has also experienced high levels of infection throughout the Covid period, though it is unknown what proportion of the cohort died after contracting the illness.

The group with the lowest uptake of all is male employees aged 18-24 years, less than half (45%) of whom have taken their third jab to protect them against Covid. Meanwhile, among employees, the lowest Covid-19 booster vaccine uptake rate across all age groups is European Union nationals aged 14 to 27.

Boosted numbers
Overall, however, vaccination rates in Ireland remain high; at the end of 2021, the country boasted the greatest uptake in Europe.

In 90% of local election areas (LEAs), the Covid-19 vaccination uptake rate among over 12s is greater than 83.9% of the population, according to the latest CSO figures. Covid-19 booster vaccinations rates (from fully vaccinated population) in LEAs around the country range from 52% to 75%.

Commenting on the statistics, Steven Conroy, a statistician at the CSO, said: “Our analysis also shows that the Covid-19 booster vaccination rate (from fully vaccinated population) ranges across all LEAS in the country from 52% to 75%.

“The LEAs with the highest Covid-19 booster vaccination rates are Bantry, West Cork, Blackrock, Co Dublin, Belmullet, Co Mayo, Rathfarnham-Templeogue, and Stillorgan in Dublin. While the Dublin LEAs of Blanchardstown-Mulhuddart, Tallaght South, North Inner City, Ongar and Ballymun-Finglas are among the LEAs with the lowest Covid-19 booster vaccination rates in the country.”

Though vaccination rates are at desirable levels, Covid-19 remains a major problem for Irish healthcare professionals, particularly those working in hospitals.

In March, the The Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation and the Irish Association for Emergency Medicine held a joint press conference calling on the government to take provide further resources and reintroduce mask mandates in certain venues, though the government declined to do so.

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