Fredon Mayor, Congressional Candidate Calls For Conservatives To Run For School Board; Return School Elections To April

Fredon Township Mayor and former school board president John Flora is urging conservatives to file by Monday (July 25) to run as candidates in the November school board elections.

“It is more important than ever to have conservative representation on our local school boards to protect our children from the woke curriculum agenda and the outrageous spending supported by the state’s biggest, most powerful public sector union, The New Jersey Education Association,” said Flora .
Flora, who ran for Congress in the June CD-7 Republican Primary election, has vigorously opposed the Nation’s Department of Education and its mandates and influence in teaching children gender dysphoria and critical race theory.

“We know the agenda of the progressive left is to indoctrinate our children and enroll them in their hate America brain washing campaign,” said Flora, who has called for disbanding the federal education department.

“The federal education bureaucracy does not represent hard-working middle-class people. It does not support traditional American values ​​and its curriculum is confusing and harming children. We need conservatives to fight to take back control of out school boards,” added Flora.
Flora said he was disappointed that none of the Republican candidates for Congress in New Jersey have taken a strong stance on education curriculum or parents education rights. “It’s unfortunate that many of the Republican candidates are taking their directions on education issues, such parental rights and CFT, from the New Jersey GOP, which doesn’t seem to have much of a stance on anything.”


Flora also said taxpayers in New Jersey must fight to return the school board elections to April and allow taxpayers to vote on school budgets as was the practice for decades before Gov. Chris Christie cut a deal with the Democrats and the teachers union to move the elections to November where candidates for school board receive little scrutiny and school budgets escalate every year without taxpayer approval.
Flora noted that even some liberal Democrats such as Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop are calling for a return to April School Board election to try to stem the spiral of school spending in New Jersey.

“I don’t agree with much that Mayor Fulop says, but as a fellow mayor I understand his frustration. The school board passes an irresponsible budget and it is up to the mayor and council to find the money to pay for it,” said Flora. “We have no say in what the school board and teachers’ union conjure up.”

“New Jersey needs to bring accountability back to education in New Jersey and that will only happen if we elect, tough conservatives to our school boards and return to the days when taxpayers had a say in school budgets,” said Flora.

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