Federal election live updates: Malcolm Turnbull says voting for teal independents will thwart Liberal party | Australian election 2022

Meanwhile, James Paterson is now speaking to ABC radio RN about how the government has handled Solomon Islands.

He says Anthony Albanian is ‘politicising’ the situation, and implies the opposition leader has been dragging his feet in getting a security briefing:

I’m only pointing to comments that Mr Albanese made publicly on Tuesday, where he said he had not yet been briefed, but that he intended to take up that briefing when he could. And I’m suggesting, but until he’s had the benefit of that briefing, it might be wise for him to stop commenting publicly on something he’s clearly ill informed about.

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We have made it to the fourth Friday of this campaign – not that it means anything in a campaign that is just ramping up.

Malcolm Turnbull has re-entered the chat with a speech he plans on giving to the Washington Harvard Club at 8am AEST. The former Liberal leader says disillusioned major party voters can vote for the “teal” independents and that a hung parliament isn’t something to fear:

In many respects this may be the most interesting part of the whole election, because if more of these “teal” independents win, it will mean the capture of the Liberal party will be thwarted by direct, democratic action from voters. People power, you might say.

Of course the big parties’ arguments against independents is always the same – instability, chaos and so on.

But in truth, many parliaments, including in Australia, have operated with stability and good effect with major parties requiring the support of independents or minor parties to pass legislation and, in fact, in our Senate that has almost always been the case.

The former PM said it was one way to address what he said was a loss of moderate influence within the party he once led:

My own party called Liberal has in the past been a combination of both the liberal and conservative traditions, but since my deposition in 2018 it is fair to say that the liberal, or moderate, voices have been marginalized and their influence is much diminished and diminishing – Especially on the toxically controversial issue of climate change where the political right, supported by Murdoch’s media, have opposed effective action for many years.

Speaking to ABC radio RN, Turnbull said the federal Liberal party’s “broad church … was narrowing”.

They’ve taken a few of the pews out…

The tide has really gone out for the small L liberals and the moderates and so the consequence is that people who were more comfortable with that side of the Liberal party, if you like, voting with their feet and supporting teal independents. Now you know that that’s their democratic right and whether you want to vote for them or not, I’m not encouraging people to vote for any[one]I’m encouraging people to vote.

Turnbull also said while the major parties are always warning against hung parliaments — and he may have said something similar in the past — they weren’t the recipe for “chaos and confusion” many claimed.

His latest intervention has come with just over two weeks to go in the campaign.

Both leaders are still smarting after a less-than-ideal performance in their latest press conferences – Anthony Albanian went someway to defending his on his Q+A solo appearance last night.

We’ll follow all the day’s events – just make sure you have your snacks of choice. Things are going to get stress-eaty.


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