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The Educational Technology degree combines sound instructional design, learning theories/principles, research and assessment with effective technology integration. The University of Houston Victoria offers a Master of Education in Education Technology program.

Students who take education technology classes will be able to use their knowledge to teach in distance learning and blended learning environments, and learn to integrate emerging technologies such as reinforcement and virtual learning environments as well as assisted learning to enhance collaboration, student engagement and diversity. In addition, the courses will cover how to understand and conduct educational research to be more familiar with the latest uses of technology in education.

Many students interested in this degree are current classroom teachers and need and want to learn more about technology integration to become more informed teachers. Existing teachers also see the value in this degree as an opportunity to explore other employment opportunities that will be available to them using the skills and knowledge they gain through the program.

The pursuit of this degree is not limited to teachers. Many students in an educational technology program have never been to a classroom but are interested in learning more about how to effectively integrate technology into different professions. Many graduates of an educational technology program find jobs in corporations or nonprofit companies to provide either face-to-face or computer-assisted training. Other graduates in Education Technology will use their skills to design and develop education software/applications.

Graduates of the Education Technology program can find jobs as technology professionals and instructional coordinators/designers in higher education or corporate settings as well as in human services. Statistics from the Bureau of Labor show that from 2016 to 2026, job opportunities for education coordinators are expected to increase by 10 percent.

A quick job market review for education technology/coordinators in Texas shows several job opportunities in K-12, higher education, corporate settings, and nonprofit organizations. According to the Best Education Degree website, here are some job listings that education technology graduates can pursue:

  • Instructional Coordinator / Technologies
  • chief learning officer
  • E-Learning Developer
  • Interface and multimedia designer
  • Performance Support Specialist
  • Curriculum development specialist
  • Training Manager

The pandemic has revealed the importance and value of effective technology integration. Now, many companies and schools are looking for individuals who have the skills to effectively integrate technology in addition to project management, adult learning principles, and organizational skills that are offered in an educational technology degree at UHV.

Sherry Vava is Associate Professor of Education in the UHV College of Education, Health Professions and Human Development.


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