Edtech entry-level app charts the future of physical activity in schools

A Yorkshire-based education technology start-up has launched an app designed to encourage physical activity in primary and secondary schools in the UK.

With 100 schools expected to enroll in the first year, Myphizz uses a live leaderboard that allows students to create their own challenges in the classroom, on the playground or at home, giving them control over their physical activity.

Children can then compare their scores across schools, with teachers also benefiting from access to a functional dashboard that measures individual students’ activity levels.

Myphizz gives children autonomy and enables them to manage their physical activity levels by choosing exactly the types of exercise they enjoy – Adam Jamili, British Olympic sprinter

Created by four former teachers with a passion for engaging children in a healthier and happier lifestyle, the app uses advanced programming technology that operates through secure school networks and can only be accessed through these communities via computers, tablets or smartphones.

“An essential part of Myphizz is building our positive relationships with the schools that we enjoy through our other projects,” said the co-founder. Anthony McBride. “It is critical that we ensure inclusion for students, while providing schools with a sustainable way to offer more creative opportunities for physical activity.”

“With schools still impacted by the pandemic and children potentially losing physical activity while they are isolated at home, myphizz provides a way for schools to continue to communicate and engage students in exercises while they are not at school.”

Myphizz works collaboratively with a range of role models to inspire and encourage children to become more physically active, including British Olympic sprinter Adam Jamili:

“Children’s mental and physical well-being has never been more important,” Al Jumaili commented. “Due to lockdown restrictions having a negative impact on activity levels, many children are now unfortunately not meeting the recommended level of exercise.”

The teacher at St. Mary’s Catholic School added: “The platform is very easy to use and I found the pictures to describe the ‘statements’ really helpful as it helps a lot of kids with reading and spelling while comparing words and pictures. Elementary School in Halifax, Siobhan Row.

“The mix of activities to set up is amazing – we used Myphizz to practice our time schedules as well as challenge each other to do as many push-ups as possible!”

The app hopes to enroll 700 schools over the next five years, with plans to capitalize on the link between elite sports groups and educational institutions as a way to explore the next generation of talented athletes.

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