Eating vegetables can lower inflammation in older people

A study​​, has explored the associations between fruit and vegetable (FV) intake and biomarkers of systemic inflammation in older adults and the results, say researchers, will strengthen public health efforts to promote a healthy lifestyle.

They say the findings highlight the benefits of a vegetable-rich diet that will mitigate age-related systemic inflammation in older adults. Systemic inflammation occurs when the immune system is constantly defending the body.

The study carried out by researchers at The School of Health Sciences in Sweden, said that while it is hypothesised that healthy diets rich in FV can modulate the inflammatory status in older adults, to determine the actual impact on inflammatory status other factors including weight and exercise need to be considered.

Chronic diseases

Several reports​​ have shown that diets characterised by low fruit and vegetable intake are associated with mortality, cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes mellitus.

The researchers said: “Moreover, studies have shown lowered cardiometabolic risk has been associated with higher consumption of either fruits​, vegetables​​, or both fruits and vegetables. Therefore, diets rich in FV are globally recommended by major health organisations in order to prevent the burden of chronic diseases and promote health​.

During aging there is an elevated risk of cardiometabolic abnormalities, where a chronic inflammatory state characterized by slight elevations in the circulating levels of pro-inflammatory biomarkers has been implicated in the pathogenesis of age-related diseases. In this respect, the potential of FV to Mitigate age-related chronic systemic inflammation has received particular attention​.”


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