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Onions not just add distinct taste and texture to your curries, make your favourite street food taste better, and your plate of salad complete, they are also loaded with wonderful nutrients that boost immunity and protect against seasonal infections. Especially a storehouse of plant-based compounds, flavonoids and antioxidants, onions are known to boost bone health, heart health and protect against certain cancers and diabetes. Not surprisingly, they were used even as an ancient remedy for coughs, colds and catarrh. (Also read: Why we should have onions with lemon before meals. Know the health benefit)

In summer season, including raw onion in your diet can help prevent infections and give your immunity a required boost.

“Eating raw onions improves your immune system’s ability to prevent illness transmission. This is a vital property of onions because the summer is a high-risk period for diseases, especially those spread by insects. While simply carrying an onion around will not help you beat the heat this summer, making raw onion a regular component of your summer diet would, Asma Alam, Consulting Nutritionist and Dietician, told HT digital, opening up on the benefits of eating onion in hot weather.

There are a variety of other benefits that one can reap of which could also work wonders for one’s long term health.

“These nutrient-dense vegetables have strong chemicals that may lower your cancer risk and might also support your digestive health. They are adaptable and can be used to add depth to any savory recipe. It’s a simple method to improve your general health by including them in your diet,” says Asma.

Onion are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and plant chemicals that have been demonstrated to benefit health in a variety of ways. They were also a trusted ancient remedies in a variety of health conditions.

“Onions have been known to have medicinal effects since ancient times when they were used to treat headaches, heart illnesses, and even mouth ulcers. A medium onion contains only 44 calories and is also abundant in Vitamin C, an essential nutrient involved in immunological function , collagen formation, tissue healing, and iron absorption,” adds the nutritionist.

Prevent summer skin rash with onion

Asma says onions have a substance called quercetin which acts as a natural antihistamine. “Because histamine is what causes your skin to break out in rashes as a result of insect bites and the heat, the onion is already a great summer help,” she adds .


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