Don Johnston Incorporated joins the Texthelp Group; Edtech Giants join forces to help students across North America and the world

Woburn, MA, Jan. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/– Texthelp, the global leader in literacy and access technology, today announced that it will acquire the education technology division of Don Johnston Inc. Inc., a leading assistive technology and special education curriculum company based out of Chicago, Illinois. Don Johnston Inc. is the latest assistive technology provider to join the Texthelp group. After investing in Five Arrows in December 2020, Texthelp acquired Lingit Group and Wizkids in 2021, expanding the company’s reach in the Nordic countries and the United Kingdom. Texthelp’s goal is to use its assistive technology to help one billion people with reading, writing and arithmetic by 2030. Combined with Don Johnston Inc.’s pioneering SaaS products. Texthelp Group will become the global leader in assistive technology tools for the classroom and workplace. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

One in ten people has dyslexia, and in the United States, 12% of students in special education, 15% of children in school learn their second language, and the average reading age is seventh through eighth grade. The use of aids has been shown to help students overcome these barriers and harness their unique strengths. Texthelp and Don Johnston Inc. made both. It is their mission to support equality and inclusion for all people, especially individuals with dyslexia and other learning needs. Together, Texthelp and Don Johnston will continue to offer their full range of products, and customers will see the benefit of collaborative technology innovation between companies within the first few weeks. The Curriculum Division of Don Johnston Inc. A new company called Building Wings™, which includes Readtopia® and First Author® products.

“Texthelp and Don Johnston Inc. share a common vision of a world where every student can feel what it means to learn and succeed,” said Martin Mackay, CEO and founder of Texthelp. “Don and I founded our organizations for very personal reasons. We have an incredibly similar mission of raising the profile of as many students as possible, helping them understand and understanding. We are very excited to have Don Johnston Inc. join the Texthelp group, and for Don to be an investor and board member. Our combined teams and expanded product suite will allow us to give millions of other students in the US and around the world the best possible start in life and help them achieve their full potential.Together with the Don Johnston team, we will continue to innovate and develop our product suite to create the best assistive technology tools available. “.

For more than 40 years, Don Johnston has developed technology approaches and tools that have helped students and educators build literacy skills. The company’s support and accessible technology are designed to accommodate children and adults with special needs and learning disabilities. Since its inception, Don Johnston Inc. Over 32,000 schools by technology, implementation, and personal relationships.

Don Johnston Inc. And Texthelp has run parallel in the education technology sector for decades. We share a lot in common, said Don Johnston, CEO of Don Johnston, “Essentially, we are both united with a mission to help as many students as possible learn and succeed. I firmly believe that together we can achieve more, and I am excited to see what the future holds.” My new role on the Board of Directors of the Texthelp Group will allow me to continue to advance our shared vision. This is also an opportunity for our curriculum tools to shape their own path as a new organization, Building The Wings. I am excited about the role the curriculum should play in helping students, and I will retain a leadership position with Building Wings as Director executive.”

Texthelp and Don Johnston Inc. will work. Together to expand product innovation and help many people realize their potential, from the classroom to the workplace. The two organizations will bring their teams and products together to create the best technology available to students, educators, and staff. Texthelp will add Snap & Read™, Co: Writer®, Word Bank™, Quizbot® and uPAR™ tools to its product portfolio and all employees of Don Johnston’s Education Technology division will become Texthelp employees.

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About Texthelp
Founded in 1996, Texthelp Group is a global technology company. On a daily basis, it helps people all over the world to understand and be understood. Over the past three decades, it has pioneered the creation of innovative education and workplace technology. Texthelp believes in a world where difference, disability, or language are no longer barriers. It focuses on helping all people learn, understand and communicate through the use of digital literacy and accessibility programs. With more than 50 million users worldwide, Texthelp’s suite of products includes Read & Write, EquatIO®, WriQ®, Fluency Tutor®, ReachDeck® and SpeechStream®. These tools work in conjunction with existing platforms such as Microsoft Office and G-suite. This allows its products to be quickly integrated into any classroom or workplace with ease. Visit for more information.

About Don Johnston Inc.
Since 1980, Don Johnston Inc. has been A staple in the accessibility community, we’ve partnered with literacy experts, AT specialists, SLPs, OTs, and special education managers to develop popular assessment and aid tools including Co: Writer®, Snap & Read™, uPAR®, Word Bank™ and Quizbot ®. Students across North America with dyslexia, autism, dysgraphia, and other diverse learning challenges rely on aids from Don Johnston Inc. daily to meet the learning needs of schools and at home. Education is not the end of transformation, it is only the beginning. Don Johnston Inc. tools open. Possibilities through the education journey to the workplace. Visit for more information.

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