North America Brand to Establish Strong Presence at Retail Innovation Conference & Expo 2022

Visit our booth at 2521 at Retail Innovation Conference & Expo 2022

“ has cutting-edge technology that helps bridge customer convenience and service while using the latest conversational e-commerce technology.”

Today, announced that the North American team, an innovation leader in conversational eCommerce, will participate in the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo 2022 in Chicago, IL, from May 10 -May 12, 2022. The show will feature more than 4,000 + attendees, with mid to enterprise-level retail companies attending. The show will provide the latest in retail strategy, insight, and innovation that touches all facets of the retail ecosystem.

“Retail Innovation is a perfect show for to attend. Our products help address some of the critical concerns that customers and retail businesses have.” Said Corey Reed, Sales Manager for North America. “Customers gravitate and spend more money with retailers that make it easy to do business and provide excellent customer service. has cutting-edge technology that helps bridge customer convenience and service while using the latest e-commerce technology.” will have a strong presence at Retail Innovation by hosting three speaking engagements, all of them will be held by’s North America Director, David White.

Session 1:

Wednesday, May 11, 1:00pm -1:30pm at BNPL Theater

Title: Improving Customer Experience for BNPL


The recent shift of consumer spending to online shopping and mobile ordering has presented new challenges to the brand’s buying journey and overall customer experience. In this talk, we explore who these consumers are and how they prefer to shop, where their expectations have changed within the buying journey and how to outperform their expectations.

Session 2:

Thursday, May 12, 9:30 am -10:00 am at BNPL Theater

Title: F1 Ticketing and BNPL


Understanding what purchases are being made using Buy Now, Pay Later, is vital for the sustainable growth of the payment preference. In this presentation, we show how the F1 Grand Prix and other life experiences can and are using Buy Now, Pay Later to sell tickets to events.

Session 3:

Thursday, May 12, 1:30pm -2:00pm at BNPL Theater

Title: How Conversational Commerce Streamlines the Customer Buying Journey to Better Fit Today’s BNPL Expectations


The last few years have changed the way business is done worldwide. Consumers are more demanding of companies’ mobile presence than ever. According to Gartner, “Customers are already moving beyond branded websites and mobile apps.” Towards a conversational style of commerce that is optimized for customers’ preferred payment methods. In this discussion, we look to explore how conversational channels, marketing automation, and customer service AI are streamlining the customer buying journey to better fit today’s Buy Now Pay Later expectations, as well as:

  • The bridge between customer conversations and commerce.
  • Acquiring sustainable customers through conversations and automation; and
  • Retaining customers and growing revenue with customer service / AI chatbots.

The third session will allow the audience to participate in the customer journey using one of’s software solutions.

In addition, during this trade show, you can learn more about who is and how to capitalize on a mobile device conversational commerce with just a visit to booth 2521.

About is a global leader in cloud software for conversational commerce that enables businesses to deliver a superior customer experience. Our communications and payments platform empowers marketing, sales, and customer support to automate customer engagement across multiple mobile channels that drive sales, gain customers, and increase customer satisfaction.

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