‘Learning From One of the Best’: Sundar Gets Batting Tips From Dravid and What he Does Next is Just Superb

‘Learning From One of the Best’: Sundar Gets Batting Tips From Dravid and What he Does Next is Just Superb

India will look for a consolation win on Sunday when they take on Bangladesh in the third and final ODI in Chattogram. The Men in Blue lost the 2nd ODI on Wednesday by five runs which also scripted their second consecutive ODI series loss in Bangladesh. The team was further marred by multiple injuries which … Read more

Watch: Dravid turns left-hander for advice, India youngster responds in style | Cricket

Watch: Dravid turns left-hander for advice, India youngster responds in style |  Cricket

India may have lost the ODI series to Bangladesh buy they would want to save some face by winning the dead rubber on Saturday. With three players injured in Rohit Sharma, Kuldeep Sen and Deepak Chahar, the BCCI has added spinner Kuldeep Yadav to the squad hoping that his wrist spin can trouble the in-form … Read more

How studying abroad is likely to shape up in 2023

(Studying abroad holds great promise for opportunities, experiences and more. But the process to secure admissions comes with questions. What are the scholarship opportunities for international students? What are colleges looking for? What makes an application stand out? Is going abroad an opportunity for a select few Every Friday, The Indian Express invites an expert … Read more

Study Tips for Finals Based on Your Learning Style

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus. With finals drawing ever-nearer, Christmas break is almost in sight. But first, we need to power through the end of the semester. I have always struggled to find study habits that work well for me, but … Read more

Laser Light Therapy Could Improve Attention and Working Memory

Share on PinterestA new study suggests that laser light therapy may improve short-term memory, which may have implications for treating ADHD. By Lorena/Stocksy A new study shows that laser light therapy can improve short-term working memory inyoung adults. The findings have future implications for treating health conditions that impact working memory, such as ADHD. Despite … Read more

Year Ender 2022: 6 Dating Terms You Should Know That Became Popular This Year | Dating Terms 2022 | dating

From soft launching to wokefishing, here are six dating terms we all should know about in 2022. Learning to speak the dating language is one of the ways to stay updated with the new dating trends. Thanks to online dating, we now have a set of rules and vocabulary, which make stages of dating clearer. … Read more

Beverley Wang’s multi-generational home had challenges, but the benefits outweighed them

Growing up in Vancouver, Canada, I lived in a house of eight people (and, thankfully, six toilets). I, my parents, my siblings and, at different times, both sets of my grandparents all lived together. Sometimes we also had aunts, uncles and cousins ​​stay with us for extended periods of time. Wang, at center age eight, … Read more

Tips on UX Design for Beginners

Whether a novice UX designer or an experienced professional, beginners might need to go through multiple interviews to get the job they want. A great resume is the first hurdle; Students and graduates alike will do right to visit this website, research what designers do, and even some experience in a relevant field will be … Read more

Become a Composting Champion on campus – Daily News

(From left to right) Carlos Figueira, Helena Teng, Madalyn Morrison, Heidi Bruins, Ryan Rexworthy, John Hemmer, Eesha Rehman, Noa Lichtenshtein Serebro, and Kate Whalen BY Megan Bieksa, Facility Services December 8, 2022 A group of McMaster students in an Academic Sustainability Program course are breaking down the benefits of composting on campus, encouraging everyone, including … Read more