Augustine’s farm hosts family-focused educational events

After a successful late-summer season growing more than 1,000 pumpkins on Wesley Wells farms and hosting the Autumn Pumpkin Festival, Wesley and Amanda Wells are working on the next event: the farm’s rustic Christmas scheduled for Saturday, December 11.

Wesley, a third-generation farmer, has owned the local farmland since 1957, when his grandfather purchased the original 75 acres. That farm, called Wells Brothers Farm, grows corn and potatoes.

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“Since then, we have expanded to approximately 850 acres, to support children and grandchildren and their own farms,” Wesley explained.

“I remember riding tractors since before I could walk and soon after, I was in the driver’s seat. All I did was farm. It’s in my blood and I love it.”

Wesley and Amanda founded Wesley Wells Farm in 2015. Their main crop is deer corn, with secondary crops including green beans, eggplant and a variety of vegetables and fruits you can pick and squash during the fall over the past two years. The farm is located at 2680 Ada Arnold Road, off County Road 208.

Wesley Wells farmer in St. Augustine has taken on the challenge of growing squash in Florida.

“We first tried a small patch of squash last year and doubled our area this year. We might have had more squash if the cows hadn’t come into the field and enjoyed it tasty,” Amanda said. From a year when our four boys wanted to be like their older sisters, who had projects in the field of agricultural sciences, and to do experiments in the field as they did. They picked pumpkins and suddenly remember why we never plant anything in the summer. Between endless rain, whiteflies and worms, it’s a miracle nothing ever grew, but we learned a lot and chose to plant more of them this year.”

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