Amy Diggs – Jersey City

condition From the office:

First Board Election: November 2, 2021
Current Term Expires: December 31, 2025
(201) 547-5268

Assistant: Julieta Vogt
(201) 547-5458

Personal Biography

Amy Diggs is a longtime Jersey City resident. She grew up in the Highlands with their parents working for the Jersey City School District. Hoping to work in an environment that could have a positive impact like her parents, Amy earned her BA from Montclair State University in 2008 with a concentration in history and education. Immediately after graduation, Amy joined the Hudson County Schools of Technology at their Jersey City District Preparatory High School, as a certified social studies teacher. Emmy proudly developed the region’s first gender studies program out of her passionate feminist beliefs and desire to empower those who might feel marginalized. Amy completed her postgraduate courses in 2012, earning a master’s degree in educational technology and becoming a useful addition to the technology transformation team in her area. Amy is currently enrolled in another graduate program for educational leadership certifications. Since 2008, Amy has not only taught at the high school level but has also worked as a GED/Out of School teacher for youth and a literacy coach for Project Impact. As a union advocate, she was elected as the association’s registration secretary and later as vice president of teaching for the local teachers’ union to support her colleagues.

Pushing for action after the 2016 presidential election, Amy sought an appointment with the Jersey City School Board to provide perspective from within the classroom. She was successfully appointed to a vacant seat in January of 2017 and in November of the same year, Amy was elected to serve a full term. She has proudly and accepted the endorsement of the local teachers union, JCEA. During her tenure, she has fought for teachers across the city as well as for better programs and activities for their diverse student body. Until her resignation, in February of 2019, she served on district committees for educational programs, special education, and technology solutions.

In June 2018, Amy became the first woman elected to lead the Hudson County Democratic Organization. I ran on a progressive platform and a desire to build a stronger partisan platform centered around advocacy. As chairperson, Amy works with community members to advocate for Hudson County and to connect the community with elected officials on needed resources and policies.

Amy is currently working as a work-based learning coordinator helping to design and implement the School to Jobs program in her area. Amy also coordinates programs for out-of-school youth and adult learners. Hoping to improve the career readiness skills needed for today’s workforce, Amy develops and implements strategies that provide students and adult learners with authentic learning experiences as well as expand partnerships for the professional area to place students in more meaningful employment and training opportunities.

She resides on the south side of town with her fiancé, Jack Collins, a proud Jersey City firefighter and rescue dog, Jersey Girl.

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