Actor Kirk Cameron touts virtues of homeschooling in new documentary

A new documentary on homeschooling from actor Kirk Cameron is set to be released next week and aims to provide viewers a window into the unique ways families have embraced homeschooling.

Kirk Cameron Presents: The Homeschool Awakening is slated for a two-day theater run on June 13 and 14 and promises to show viewers how homeschooling families “put fun and faith back into learning.”

In an interview with the washington examiner, the former Growing Pains star said he was inspired to take on the project after the number of families embracing homeschooling skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic after seeing firsthand the presence of critical race theory and gay and transgender ideology in their children’s classes.


“There’s a parent-led movement that is a bit of a great awakening [that] was brought on by the pandemic shutdown [of] public schools,” Cameron said. “When kids were sent home to learn online, parents got a front-row seat and were horrified at what their kids were being taught in schools.”

Reesha Howard and daughters in THE HOMESCHOOL AWAKENING

Credit: Kirk Cameron Presents: The Homeschool Awakening

According to data from the US Census Bureau, the number of families with school-aged children who chose homeschooling in the 2020-21 school year more than doubled from the previous year.

“I’m giving people a front-row seat to dive into the everyday adventures of American homeschool families on a mission to put back faith, family, and freedom into learning,” the actor said.

Cameron said the film follows the homeschooling journeys of 17 families from a broad range of social, cultural, and economic backgrounds to show how “everybody does it differently” but shares a common love for their children.

“If we want the best for our kids, we can’t outsource parenting for 40 hours a week while they turn our children into little Marxists,” Cameron said of public schools. “That won’t be good for them, and that won’t be good for the nation.”


“This is a movie for everybody,” the left behind star continued. “If you’re curious about homeschooling, if you feel like, ‘Man, I don’t know, this sounds crazy, but I’d like to find out more,’ the movie will give you the ins and outs, the how -tos, answer the frequently asked questions, and really educate you and open up your eyes to new possibilities and options.”

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