90 Day Fiancé Stars Whose Weight Loss Impacted Their Relationships

Some 90 Day Fiancé cast members’ weight loss journeys don’t have a happy ending. Here’s how makeovers have impacted franchise relationships.

Several 90 Day Fiancé have recently documented weight loss transformations, but they often end up predicting the death of their relationships. As viewers get involved in the romantic lives of cast members by watching them on-screen, they also get a chance to follow their stars 90 Day Fiancé makeovers and weight loss journeys. As these TLC stars are loathed or loved by audiences, they also seem to struggle for approval from their better halves. Due to this, quite a few 90 Day Fiancé relationships have badly crashed soon after weight loss began to affect the couple.

In the TLC franchise, weight loss journeys are sometimes inspiring and otherwise simply chaotic. With stars being sponsored by weight loss clinics and surgeons to promote their services, more and more names have been cropping up in lists that document weight loss reveals. Viewers often enjoy watching their favorite reality TV icons take small or drastic steps towards losing weight, perhaps to look better in the mirror or to simply impress their partners with their progress. However, that’s not always been the case in the controversial world of 90 Day Fiancé.


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There have been times when instead of getting wowed by their husband or wife’s slimmer figures, partners have mocked them or turned jealous. Some cast members have been body-shamed into losing weight, while others have been dumped for adopting healthy lifestyle changes. It often feels as though some 90 Day Fiancé cast members can’t win when it comes to weight loss.

Angela Deem

Georgia Meemaw Weight Loss Deem Michael Season 6 In 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After

While Angela is more confident than ever after her weight loss, Michael Ilesanmi’s reaction to her surgery almost made Angela divorce him. Angela underwent weight loss surgery in August 2020 and referred to that time in her life as an emotional roller coaster. She expected Michael to take care of her, at least emotionally since they were separated by 7000 miles. However, Michael made fun of Angela and said her breasts were too small, ultimately hurting her feelings and affecting their relationship.

Jorge Nava

Jorge Nava Prison Weight Loss Baby In 90 Day Fiance

One of the biggest and most successful weight loss stories on 90 Day Fiancé belongs to Jorge Nava. Jorge went from 318 pounds to 185 pounds while he was in prison for two and a half years. Losing weight came at a huge cost for Jorge, who also apparently lost his wife because of it. Jorge claims the news of his weight loss didn’t sit too well with Anfisa Arkhipchenko. Jorge thinks Anfisa was jealous of the attention he was getting. The praise Jorge received for his remarkable weight loss is what he thinks led to his breakup with Anfisa. Interestingly, soon after Jorge showed off his new body, Anfisa also started taking diet and exercise seriously. Anfisa became a certified personal trainer and also an award-winning bikini athlete.

David Toborowsky

90 Day Fiance Annie David

Although some weight-loss transformations lead to breakups and almost splits, there’s one couple who celebrates getting fitter together wholeheartedly. David is proud of his weight loss in his early 50s and so is his wife Annie Suwan, who encourages him and also asks Instagram followers for their support. Annie has expressed joy at David being able to fit in his old clothes as he continues to shrink and drop pant sizes day by day. At the start of their 90 Day Fiancé storyline, Annie and David’s relationship was deeply affected by financial difficulties and his drinking problems. However, David and Annie still being together despite it all and managing to make their lives better with healthier choices shows both of them are dedicated to fitness and, of course , each other.

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