5 health benefits of cloves that you must note down

5 health benefits of cloves that you must note down

Aug 10, 2022, 10:46 am
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Easily available in your kitchen, cloves are known for their multiple health benefits, ranging from digestive to overall immunity.

India takes pride in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda that originated here thousands of years ago.

Although most of the natural herbs and spices from the realm of Ayurveda are readily available in our kitchen, we aren’t using them to their full potential.

One of them is clove (aka laung) which is known for its healing benefits. Check them out here!

Of the many Ayurvedic ingredients, clove is highly regarded for its immunity-boosting properties.

Dried clove contains a compound that fosters the growth of white blood cells in the body.

These cells are responsible for protecting the body from various infections.

Chewing two cloves and drinking warm water after it before going to the bed can strengthen your immunity.

Makes your liver stronger

Want to improve your liver health? Cloves can help you do that.

This Indian spice is rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals known to damage your liver.

Not just that, it is also abundant with hepatoprotective properties that stimulate the regeneration of liver cells.

Chewing on cloves daily can help improve your lipid profile, giving most medicines a run for their money.

Prevents upper respiratory diseases

People have become more prone to upper respiratory diseases, especially after the COVID-19 outbreak.

Cloves, however, can come across as some really helpful spices to combat cough, laryngitis, sore throat, and congestion.

You can suck on a few clove buds and spit them out once they lose their flavor.

You can also crush them into powder and drink warm water infused with the powder.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Eases joint pains

Joint pains can be brutal. However, if you consume cloves on a daily basis, you are sure to get some respite.

Clove is also rich in anti-inflammatory properties that can relax your joint pains.

It is blessed with eugenol – a compound that reduces the risk of arthritis and treats toothache. You can sip on warm clove water daily to reap these benefits.

Improves digestive health

Digestive issues are quite common to experience these days.

From flatulence and nausea to gastritis and dyspepsia, there are so many digestion-related ailments that bother us.

However, consuming cloves daily can keep such ailments at bay.

Clove improves digestion by stimulating the enzyme secretion in your body, thereby improving digestive functions.

It’s also helpful in controlling diarrhea.

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